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BlackBerry DTEK50 Android smartphone safer for business: Here’s why

BlackBerry DTEK50

The new BlackBerry DTEK50 comes across as a device with security being the hallmark of it. It might be mistaken as just another Android powered handset sporting some decent specs. That it surely is and also runs the latest Android Marshmallow though the differences doesn’t end here.

Coming as it does from a company that values aspects like security and privacy as among the core principles of its very foundations, the new DTEK50 shouldn’t be seen as anything different to what the Canadian company has been offering so far. That perhaps applies more to business users who have to deal with company data all day long. While there is no dearth of Android smartphone in the entire price spectrum, from the relatively affordable to the super expensive, none happens to be as secure as the new DTEK50.

Mentioned here are a few reasons that make the DTEK50 super secure.

Deeply integrated security:

With the DTEK50, security is never an afterthought but is something that has been instilled right in its genes. That applies to both its software as well as the hardware. For instance, there is the ‘Hardware Root of Trust’ which has direct access to the processor to implement security settings while the ‘secure boot process’ or the ‘hardened Linux kernel’ ensures no malware can infect the system.

Similarly, ‘FIPS 140-2 encryption’ ensures important data is secured at all times. Then there is also the ‘Data-in-transit protection’ that ensures the data that is transferred via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN or NFC is also secure. And if all the above isn’t enough, there is the ‘BlackBerry Secure Compound’ that allows for the most protected execution environment for apps and data.

Couple that to the BlackBerry’s reputation for coming up with security patches faster than anybody else and the DTEK50 is easily one of the safest handsets around.

Ready for business:

The DTEK50 also comes with a host of apps and other software pre-installed that allows the device to be ready for business application right from day one. Among the features that make it safe for a business application includes ‘WatchDox secure file-sharing’, ‘SecuSUITE anti-eavesdropping solution’, ‘BES12 EMM for cross-platform data security’, ‘BBM Protected secure messaging solution’ and so on.

Access to safe Google Play Store apps:

This happens to be one of the trickiest parts of the game of ensuring total security as apps might contain malware to spy on target devices. However, BlackBerry has ensured its DTEK50 can access the millions of Play Store apps; it has a built-in system to keep a tab on which apps have internal access to the stored business data or other information of critical importance. That way, while users will still have the millions of apps within their reach, none can have unauthorized access to the stored data that matters most.

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