Black Friday stats that will blow your mind

Black Friday is around the corner and it the best time to guy gadgets be it online or offline as they will be available at huge discounts the revenue generated around this time is massive. In today’s post, we will be taking a closer at the stats of the 2016 sale and what was the situation back in the day to come to an estimation of how the Black Friday 2017 sale is going to be. states that 2016 Black Friday sale is the best sale ever with over 30 orders a minute at peak time and the total revenue estimated is around £1,230,000,000 a marginal growth of over 12.2% from 2015 with a peak shopping time between 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM.

The traffic during the sale period has increased by 220% compared to a normal day, and one interesting thing to note about the black Friday sale was of every £10 during the black Friday, £4.10 came from smartphones. Of the 8,136,130 total online transactions during 2016 Black Friday sales, mobile usage increased to a staggering 42% which is 26% increase from the year before.

According to stats, 5% of the entire day sales were LG top selling TVs and they claim that they sold over 700% more coffee making machines than a regular black Friday and nearly 25% of all orders included a TV.  These numbers are literally shocking the way online shopping has grown so far and how the mobile usage is slowly taking over PC and Laptop.

On the eve of Black Friday sale, we have some tips to guide you, never use a public WiFi while shopping as there is a chance of card details theft during payment gateway, be aware of phishing scams, make purchases only from trusted websites and e-commerce sites. Always use a credit card and use unique and strong login credentials.

Here is the detailed infographic that you can check!



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