2015 Black Friday Deals on Fitness Bands from Fitbit, Garmin, Microsoft Jawbone

Take advantage of the various fitness bands offers this Black Friday to stay fit and stylish. Here are some great giveaways on the fitness wearable front:

Amazon Black Friday Deals on Fitness Bands

Amazon is giving away Garmin Vivofit fitness band (Black) at a whopping 62% discount, which means that you sidestep the regular $129.99 price tag to own the wearable for just $49.99 this Black Friday.


If you want a device that reminds you to be active every day, Garmin Vivofit fitness monitor is it. The 24/7 wearable is stylish and comfortable on the wrist and recommends personalized activity goals for you to ensure you stay fit all the time.

Garmin Vivofit not only monitors your workout, but also the quality of your sleep.

Grab the Fitbit Flex activity monitor at just $94.99 from Amazon and save $4.96 on the regular list price. The comfortable-to-wear Fitbit Flex does more than simply tracking your steps and monitoring how many calories you burn.

The device also monitors the quality of your sleep and wakes you up when it is time depending on your settings.

Target Black Friday Deals on Fitness Bands

Save $40 on the purchase of Garmin Vivofit fitness band at Target. Instead of paying the standard $169.99 for the fitness wearable, Target allows you to own it at just $129.99 this Black Friday.


Target is also giving you the opportunity to own Microsoft Band 2 (medium) for $249.99 and have it shipped to you free of charge. The retailer is also giving away Microsoft Band Medium (Black) at $199.99 and taking care of the shipping cost for you.

Best BuyBlack Friday Deals on Fitness Bands

Best Buy has generous this Black Friday with multiple fitness wearable deals you may not want to miss. If the purple Garmin Vivofit band is your dream fitness wearable, you have the chance to own it for just $48.99 down from the normal price of $79.99, which means a $31 discount.

You can also enjoy a $57 discount on the purchase price of Soleus – GO! Fitness band by grabbing it at $72.99 from Target.


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