Black Friday 2015: Best Deals on Smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, ASUS, Motorola

Stepping out in style this Thanksgiving weekend shouldn’t be a complicated affair. A number of retailers have slashed prices on smartwatches and you can own them at a steep discount this Black Friday 2015 at an attractive discounted prices.

Amazon Black Friday Deals on Smartwatches

Amazon is giving you the opportunity to save $70.99 on the purchase of Samsung’s Gear 2 Neo smartwatch (Black). That means a step-down from the regular price of $199.99 to just $129. With that you become a proud owner of super AMOLED display wrist-wearable that provides both fitness tracking and notifications about messages and other alerts. The device is compatible with various Samsung Galaxy smartphones.


Still from Amazon, you also grab the Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch at a discount of $103.39, off the regular price of $249.99. That means you only have to part with $146.60 to own the smartwatch, which tracks both fitness activity and pushed out timely updates. The wearable is compatible with smartphones that run Android 4.3 and above.

Black Friday Apple Watch Deals

Apple’s Apple Watch isn’t normally cheap regardless of the model, but you can get it cheap at Best Buy this Black Friday. The retailer is slashing $50 off the regular price of the base-level Apple Watch Sport. The wearable usually cost $350.

If you are interested in the more expensive Apple Watch, Best Buy has $100 off its list price to enable you have a memorable Black Friday 2015.

If Apple’s price point is too high for you, check out the ASUS ZenWatch 2. Visually, it’s Apple’s biggest smartwatch competitor. If you have an Android, but like the Apple Watch design, go for the ZenWatch. The features are standard, but you can’t beat the price for $150.

Target Black Friday deals on smartwatches


Target is this Black Friday targeting you with multiple smartwatch deals that you will be hard-pressed to overlook.

For just $41.99, you get to own Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch (Blue) that normally costs $54.96. At the same price, you can grab a Pink Vtech Kidizoom smartwatch that regularly goes for $59.99. If you are still interested in a Kidizoomsmartwatch brand, own a white one for only $54.99 instead of $59.99 that you will normally pay on regular days.

If you buy the Gray aluminum case Apple Watch Sport at $399 at Target, you win yourself a $100 shopping voucher. You also get to collect at least $100 gift cards on every Apple Watch purchase at Target this Black Friday.

Walmart Black Friday deals on smartwatches

Save $66 on the purchase of Garmin Vivoactivesmartwatch at Walmart by getting at $233.99 instead of the regular price of $299.99.

Walmart also gives you the opportunity to save $29.82 on the purchase of Pebble smartwatch this Black Friday by grabbing it at $70.17, down from the standard price of $99.99.

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