Narendra Modi launches India272+ mobile application

Mr. Narendra Modi is always a strong advocate of using the latest technologies; be it for personal interests, political propaganda, or political rallies. He is always interested in reaching out to people in new ways and tries to make it more interactive, interesting and lively. BJP recently launched a website India called 272+ (see the link below) to reach computer savvy masses of India and world.

India 272+ Mobile App

With high-end mobile handsets sale touching new highs In India along with burgeoning use of data on them and other data devices, it was need of the hour to launch a mobile application that will take the message across the people. India272+ is the mobile application available on Google Play Store, free for Android users.

The India272+ mobile application will help volunteers to share and contribute their views, opinions and thoughts for the future speeches of Mr. Narendra Modi. It will also help BJP reach out to youth and encourage them to join the Mission 272+, a magical figure necessary for the BJP to get in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections and form the next government in the center.

Modi even tweeted, ’Launched India 272+ mobile app. the app will further empower volunteers to contribute easily, effectively and creatively,”

The application will also allow volunteers to share the latest updates through social media like Facebook, Twitter and smartphone application WhatsApp. The India272+ is the latest initiative that will empower the volunteers and enhance the growth of BJP’s digital family.

While employing the application the volunteers can interact not only with Mr Modi but also with each other across the platform, which will result in the meltdown and gradual transformation of thoughts.

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