BitTorrent has unveiled a new legal music streaming service called BitTorrent Now. It is a refurbished and rebranded legal music download platform of the earlier service, Bundle. It will feature works of new and upcoming artists and streaming music and videos on demand via mobile and web app. The latest platform is completely free and ad-supported and will feature rising indie artists.

The new app is for Android users, and it is not the usual genre of illegal downloads nor feature peer-to-peer technology. The videos and audio will be streamed straight from the BitTorrent server to the end user. However, the company will shortly be starting peer-to-peer streaming soon.

The app will be available for iOS and Apple TV soon. Named “BitTorrent Now”, it will feature only legal contents and contents which have been uploaded by the creators themselves. There will be tons of music and videos and is much akin to Spotify or other applications of the similar genre. Users can also create playlists and also follow their favorite artists for notification and updates.

The service is, however, a bit different from the big Whigs of the segment and features videos and songs of independent and unknown artists who have not been in the limelight. Users could also purchase contents from the service. The site is currently being financed by advertising.

The predecessor to this service was named BitTorrent Bundle and offered new materials from artists either free or for a small fee. Well, known artists like Lady Gaga, Madonna, Moby, Thom Yorke and De La Soul have released their contents on the platform.

The company has diversified and is offering all kinds of new services which include an alternative browser (Maelstrom), an instant messenger (Bleep) and a file-sharing platform (Shoot).

It needs to be seen how the new platform fares against big weights like YouTube. However BitTorrent Now is offering music as well as video streaming, and this is a significant advantage when compared to its competitors.