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Bitport Review – Downloading Torrent to Cloud Storage Made Easy

Downloading gigabytes of data from the internet via torrent might be easy for geeks with a stable and fast internet connection, but it is not at all easy for all. Moreover, nowadays it’s all about remaining connected and access files without physically being at the place. Downloading torrent files with less number of seeds/peers is a pain in the ass. In order to solve all these problems there is Bitport.io!

What is BitPort.io?

Bitport is a FREEmium web service for hassle free downloading of torrents to the user’s cloud storage without the use of any software like BitTorrent or uTorrent! Bitport also allows the user to stream the files from any device anytime.

Bitport – What it offers!

Bitport offers a plethora of services which can be clubbed under Security, Storage, Speed and to some extent compatibility! So let’s take a look at what this service offers.

  • Security 

The main disadvantage of downloading files via torrent is the risk that your security might be breached. The connection is not encrypted and what you are downloading can be tracked. Moreover, until the files are downloaded to the hard disk you never know what is inside. While torrents can be downloaded anonymously to the hard disk it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Bitport offers a solution to all of these problems. All the premium accounts are SSL certificate protected and the files after downloading are scanned with the famous and reliable ESET NOD32 Antivirus. All the information related to the downloaded files are encrypted so even your Internet Service Provider is unaware of what is being downloaded, thus maintaining your privacy!

For upgrading to the premium account, Bitport also accepts payment via Bitcoin in addition to payments via PayPal or credit card thereby preventing the users from handing out their credit card info!

  • Storage

 The coolest feature about Bitport service is the ability to download files to the cloud. This allows the users to access them from any devices from anywhere across the world. After the users sign up for an account they get cloud storage where their files are downloaded. This storage space can be used exactly like a hard disk and you can create folders or categorize your files.

  • Speed

The best thing about Bitport is the awesome speed at which the torrents get downloaded. It starts downloading in an instant and if it’s a popular torrent it gets downloaded in an instant! If the same file has been downloaded previously by any other Bitport user it appears immediately in your storage account and you can stream instantly!

One of the problems faced by users while downloading old torrents with a handful of seeds is the lack of speed and the download getting stuck at 99.9%. Bitport downloads even these files at a great speed!


  • Compatibility & Other Services

Bitport allows files to be streamed from any device and it also supports Apple TV, Chromecast and FTP clients. It also allows converting of the downloaded files and even allows the users to choose the subtitle font size.

How To Download Torrent via Bitport

Now we come to the how to part. It’s easy and hassle free with a clean user friendly interface. Bitport will download the file to your cloud storage even if the computer is shutdown!

1. Login or Sign Up to your account. There is an option to “Add torrent link” or “Upload Torrent from PC”.

2. After uploading the torrent or pasting the magnet link in the box, click on add new torrent. Then it’ll load the torrent.

3. Then there will be an option to “Download to Selected Folder” which will allow you to choose the desired download location. After hitting on that button the torrent will start downloading.

Users can stream the file while it downloads and can do so in the browser on any handheld device.


Bitport is a freemium service, while the service along with some basic features are free, users can upgrade via different plans to take advantage of the antivirus scanning and other features in addition to extra storage space. While the $5 per month ‘Small’ plan offers 30GB of storage, the $10/month ‘Standard’ plan and the $15/month ‘Big’ plan offers 100GB and 250GB of storage respectively. All the paid plans come with 30 days money back guarantee.


  • Fast (downloading speed of 10MBps+ on most of the files)
  • Secure
  • Cloud based, can be accessed from any device
  • Offers a free plan and 30 day money back guarantee on paid plans.


  • There are so such disadvantages of Bitport.

The Verdict

Bitport is a great site and the service is top notch. The interface is clean and simple and the torrents can be downloaded with ease. The pricing is on the cheaper side and comes with 30 days money back guarantee which is a boon for the users. It even offers a ‘Free’ plan to allow users to test the service unlike a similar website, Put.io!

Users should go for a paid plan since it comes with added security as it’s better to be safe than sorry. So will you be using Bitport’s service to download your torrent files?

Drop in your views in the comment section below!

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