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Binomo online trading platform in India – an honest review

It would be great to have an extra income, wouldn’t it? It doesn’t matter if you are not familiar with online trading. Binomo is always here to help you to learn, grow, and trade! But what is Binomo? Binomo is an international trading platform that has operated in over 130 countries since 2014. Every day, over 800K traders use the Binomo platform for online trading, including India.

It is okay even if you are a beginner trader. One of the most reliable trading platforms, Binomo offers online education for free before you start trading. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, it is also to register, login, deposit, and withdraw funds from the website or app. If you want to discover more about Binomo India, please continue reading this review.

What Is Binomo trading?

You may have questions such as “How to invest and trade on Binomo?”. Binomo, as an online trading platform, provides you with over 55 trading assets ranging from currencies to stocks.

On Binomo, you have to analyse whether the chart will go up or down at the end of the selected period. On the condition that your prediction is correct, you get additional income.

Binomo is not scam

On social media, you may have heard that some people say “Binomo scam or fraud” but the fact that it isn’t. Binomo is a verified online trading company that operates in many countries. Also, Binomo is completely legal in India.

The company is certified by The Financial Commission, a company that embodies the industry’s top professionals to secure traders rights. It also has a VMT (verify my trade) Certificate, which has an evidential value that Binomo is a credible trading platform for traders.

Binomo makes provision against the fraud via the verification process. The company also uses SSL to encrypt its clients’ data to provide maximum security for online trading. If you had a question such as “Is Binomo safe?”, the answer is “Yes, it is”.

How to Sign in and login to Binomo?

Registering and logging into your Binomo account is a low-tech process. I will explain in steps (нou can use Hindi when registering):

  1. Go to the official Binomo website https://binomo.com/ .
  2. Click on the yellow “Sign in” button at the upper right-hand corner.
  3. Enter your valid email address (or register via your Facebook or Google accounts).
  4. Create a password.
  5. Choose the currency for your account.
  6. Read the term Client Agreement thoroughly and accept them.
  7. Click on the “Create account” button.

You will receive an automatic email from Binomo’s system. Click on the link to complete the registration process.

Note! Please don’t forget that a Binomo account’s currency cannot be changed once selected during the registration process!

Account types

Binomo offers four different types of accounts for its users. These accounts were designed for the comfort of the clients. Let’s see the account types below.


Binomo Demo account offers a real trading experience for beginners but without the risk of losing your deposit! After registration, Binomo provides every user with a demo account. $1000 virtual money is deposited by Binomo to demo accounts. Once a user spends it all, it is automatically redeposited by Binomo.

Note! You cannot withdraw the virtual money to your bank account that is deposited by Binomo. It is for training purposes only.


A Standard account offers real trading with real deposits. You have to deposit a minimum of $10 to start trading. There are +40 trading assets for trading and bonuses up to 100%.


You have a cumulative deposit of $500 to start trading with a Gold account. There are +50 trading assets for trading, insurance, 5% cashback in some cases, bonuses up to 150% and other benefits.


You have a cumulative deposit of $1000 to start trading with a VIP account. There are +60 trading assets for trading, including insurance, 10% cashback and risk-free transactions in some cases, bonuses up to 200% and other benefits.

binomo account types

How to use Binomo for extra income?

Not only asset trading is available on the trading platform, but also tournaments and an affiliate program to get additional income. Equally important, Binomo offers education and a demo account so that traders can practice trading.

Also, some traders ask how to play Binomo. But this is not a valid question because Binomo is an online asset trading platform.


You can use debit cards or e-wallets to withdraw your earnings on Binomo. Tutorial on how to do that:

  1. Go to the home page. Request withdrawal of your extra income by clicking on the “Cashier” button.
  2. Indicate the withdrawal amount and your withdrawal method.
  3. The transaction can take up to 3 days, depending on your payment system.

What is a Binomo app and how to download it?

It doesn’t matter whether you are an iOS or an Android user. The mobile application for Binomo is available on both the App Store and Google Play. You can download the Binomo trading app on your smartphone or your tablet. Also, Android users can download the Binomo apk from this link: https://binomo.com/in/promo/android.

Note! Please consider that the Binomo app has limited features when compared to the Binomo website.


Is Binomo real or fake? Of course, a trading platform that operates for almost six years in many countries is real. The best way to prove it is to check the Binomo reviews of the real users.

Nikita I.: “Everyone knows that we can get extra income trading assets, but I tried to trade in the Binomo project recently, and I really liked it! Everything works at the highest level.”

curlbury: “I can assure you that Binomo isn’t a scam. I am a trader from India, and I have been using Binomo for some time now. It has been an excellent platform for me for generating an additional income.”

Shekhar B.: “Online platforms are really amazing for online trading, and Binomo is one of them.”


Now you know how Binomo works. The company has been a member of the “A” category of the International Finance Commission since 2018. Since all the user accounts are insured, Binomo cannot be called a scam. However, always remember that online trading is risky. So, you have to practice, test your trading strategies, and make accurate predictions to earn additional income.

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