beyerdynamic Beat BYRD review: Earphones for basic audiophiles

When it comes to earphones, there is no one size fits all. They are offered in a wide variety of shapes but lately, we have seen mainly the angled ones in the market. Then comes the main part, their sound quality, not many offer the punch that the Indian buyer is looking for. To counter this, beyerdynamic announced their bass-heavy Beat BYRD. The beyerdynamic Beat BYRD bring punchier bass, more intuitive design and are feather light.

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box:

  • beyerdynamic Beat BYRD earphones
  • Ear tips


beyerdynamic Beat BYRD is an in-ear style earphones with the casing made out of high-quality plastic. They come in a glossy finish with the company logo embossed on both them. The units are extremely lightweight and weigh just 5 grams each, eliminating the possibility of having fatigued. The design is a bit different from traditional earphones and sits flush in the ear.

Beyerdynamic beat byrd earphones 3

There is no in-line microphone or volume controls which is a bit odd considering the pricing and the market they are being pitched at. On the plus side, the brand has used a good quality cable which seems to be durable and hold over time.


The Beat BYRD are being pitched with punchy bass and they do hold up to that claim up to some extent. The earphones are more tuned towards mids and lows.  People liking songs with vocals paired with a guitar would really enjoy them. The treble is balanced and is overall decent considering the price of the earphones.

Beyerdynamic beat byrd earphones 2

The bass, however, is not up to the mark. They sure do provide a slight punch but you need to get the right seal to really enjoy that. The earphones do show noticeable distortion at high volumes. The soundstage overall is balanced with a slight tilt towards mid and lows as previously mentioned.


beyerdynamic Beat BYRD earphones – INR 2,199


  • Good Build quality
  • Intuitive Design
  • Decent bass


  • No In-line controls
  • Tad bit overpriced

Beyerdynamic beat byrd earphones 4

Verdict – Should you go for it?

beyerdynamic Beat BYRD come with a decent design along with a solid build that screams quality. When talking about the soundstage, the mids and lows are clear and will be liked by many. Highs, on the other hand, are a bit muddy. Considering the price of INR 2,199, the earphones feel a bit overpriced and might not make a bang among audiophiles. The missing in-line controls don’t even help the cause further.