Beware! Spams are back on Facebook

Is any of your Facebook friends posting a disaster or brutal accident video message on their news feed, which easily catches your attention? If yes, the concern should be genuine, not for the message or video posted but for the source of it, as it is likely to be a spam.

Yes, you heard us. Spams are back on the social networking websites. The latest to make the news is ‘Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people’. It’s simply a spam that is spreading very rapidly on Facebook. The video tempts a Facebook user to click on a picture of a bikini-clad woman that takes you nowhere but a network of hackers, looking to expand their network.

The link description reads ‘During the summer holidays, this girl took the opportunity to do something unheard of! I bet no one can do the same.’ The description has encouraged thousands of Facebook users to click the link out of curiosity.

A word of caution, do not click on the link if you see it on Facebook. If you click it, it will take you not to the video source but a bogus Facebook page that requests you to share the video with your online friends before it granting you the permission to view, what it claims to be a surprising video.

If you attempt to watch the alleged video before sharing it, the webpage restricts you from doing so. It wants you to share the link with as many people as possible to increase the number of people ultimately visiting the page. If you follow the page’s instructions as a dutiful wife, it prompts you to verify your age by completing online surveys. That’s where the catch is and a reason enough to suspect intentions of the source.

Thousands of Facebook users have fallen for this latest Facebook video scam –“Look what this girl is wearing at the beach in front of thousands of people”, and these  Malware and Adware are being installed via this tactic of duping.

Stay safe!

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Nitika Munshi

Nitika is an MCA graduate and works as an all-around news writer at PC-Tablet. In free time, she works on Photoshop and plays GTA V on her Xbox. A tech-enthusiast at heart, she explores ways that businesses can leverage the Internet and move their businesses to the next level.