Best YouTube channels for kids to making learning fun

YouTube offers an incredible variety of kids educational and entertainment channels. These channels make learning exciting and fun loving for the kids. Now the question arises here is- how to figure out best YouTube kids learning channels? Well, after a week’s review we have curated some amazing kids educational channels through which your kids would learn without even knowing the fact they are studying. These channels comprise of videos that will make them jump and dance along with some fruitful learning. These channels will not only help your child learn but also make learning enjoyable and interactive. Let us have a look at the Top Channels list:

Kids TV:

Kids TV comprises of videos of nursery rhymes and children’s songs that your child would learn by singing along with the cartoon characters in the videos. These characters are so appealing that your child would imagine them as real and dance throughout the rhyme with them. The most famous rhyme category includes ‘Bob The Train’ wherein the character Bob aims to provide basic pre-schooling education about colors, shapes, alphabets, animal sounds, vegetable, fruits, etc. to the kids through beautifully crafted rhymes.

These rhymes would help your child build strong English language base from the very starting itself. The channel developers are working towards the development of the children from the very early age so that your child has a bright future ahead. Each episode broadcasted has something new and exciting to learn for your baby. The graphics of all the videos are designed in such a way that your child will not be able to take his eyes off the video until completion.

Total Subscribers: 2,768,765


Another very interactive channel that would teach children about daily routine tasks and help them become self-independent. StoryBots has amazing illustrative videos that would step by step educate your child about various facts of life. The very famous videos include how to brush your teeth, how to get dressed in the morning, different means of transports, outer space videos, animals videos, human body parts and the classic song video ‘jumping on the bed’. The channel even provides videos on each species of Dinosaur’s educating child about these early age creatures. StoryBots even visits new exotic places and demonstrates the adventure through their videos. Kids usually love watching such kind of thrilling experiences.

Total Subscribers: 215,204

Oh My Genius:

Oh My Genius Channel aims at making your child a genius by providing them pre-school education in a fun learning way. The visually attractive educational episodes sets an impact on your child’s brain making them learn stuff for lifetime. Toddlers usually learn about different kinds of objects, numbers, alphabets and many more important things.

The colorful animated videos supported by some jingles quickly grabs child’s attention, making them learn and enjoy at the same time. The child would try to copy and do the same thing or start recognizing things the same way the characters in the video does. They get up, watch, play and dance along with the video. These inspiring videos would encourage your child to learn and try something new.

Total Subscribers: 437,206

Sesame Street:

Sesame street channel focusses to teach your child about colors and alphabets. After viewing the alphabets video your child would be able to recognize characters quickly.  Sesame Street has even broadcasted videos on sharing things and how to be kind with others. There are plethora of videos been uploaded on the channel page, so you can easily identify a subject and play that video for your baby.

The usual duration of the videos ranges from 1 to 5 minutes. These videos would surely help your toddlers learn new things on a daily basis. The character in the videos are so funny and appealing that your child will get them engrossed in the videos. The new season of the channel is soon to be broadcasted on HBO channel too. The entire series is amazing, sometimes even adults enjoy it too.

Total Subscribers: 2,266,257

Baby Einstein:

How about making your baby the next Einstein? Well, the channel focusses on drilling a child’s brain, so that the baby learns and try to do something new. With the help of playful background music, the videos posted are quiet catchy. Kids also start to hymn the rhymes and thereafter memorize the songs. Videos even showcase puppets to make the concept even more interesting. These puppets not only teach kids rhymes but also provides knowledge about different kinds of shapes and colors to the kids. You and your child would surely love this channel as a medium of education.

Total Subscribers: 128,850


This channel broadcasts videos that makes all the toddlers dancing all over the home. The channel mainly produces videos showcasing the adventures of two characters – Annie and Ben who travel far off lands experiencing different adventures during their journey. Through these cartoon series, kids tends to learn vocabulary words and about different relationships too. These videos help kids in developing a positive attitude and kind behavior towards others. The most famous video collection includes: Color collection, Finger family song, Wheels on the bus song, Adventures of Annie and Ben series, some scary Halloween songs and many more catchy videos collection. This channel is very much loved and enjoyed by kids.

Total Subscribers: 2,214,980

ChuChu TV:

This channel inaugurated just 3 years back and is heading to success with a great speed. In just a short span of time this Chennai based channel has gained over 6 million subscribers. The channel broadcast animated videos depicting different characters of parents, teachers, elders and other role models to teach kids the best way.

This Indian channel has broadcasted all classic rhymes which every kid should know. Its 2D animated colorful and playful videos forces the child to get up and sing along with them. The channel shares minimum four new interactive videos per month. So every week you have something new for your baby. The channel showcase a special egg surprise series, where kids treasure hunts the hidden eggs and find out the toy surprise within it. Your kids would definitely love this channel.

Total Subscribers: 6,075,642


All the above listed channels are working in the same direction of making education fun and interesting for our little ones. Finding out the best videos can be a challenging task for parents, but these channels have solved that purpose. These kids friendly YouTube Channels have educational short stories which will share a meaningful moral too. So this would help develop good habits in your child from the very initial stage. The adventurous stories listed on these channels would also take your kid along through the exiting journey of teaching them about the flora and fauna surrounding us.