Best Wireless Mouse to buy under Rs. 1500 in India

A wireless mouse is a handy device to have around; whether you’re a gamer or simply because you any work on excel sheets often. Buying an expensive wireless mouse doesn’t always guarantee a longer product life.

There are a range of wireless mice available beginning a little over Rs. 500 up to a couple of thousands, depending on which you’d look to buy. We’ve put together a list of mice that cost under INR. 1,500 and come with reliability as well as functionality.

1. Logitech B170

The Logitech B170 is available to purchase at a price of INR. 725. The mouse is available in the colour black and comes along with its sides fashioned of a rubberized texture for better grip. The device works with your computers and laptops through a USB receiver that you will plug into your system. The device is a simple one, with two click buttons and a scroll-wheel in the center. The mouse is effective for a distance up to 10m from the receiver/computer and boasts of a good battery life. The device is powered by 1 AA battery that needs to be changed about once every year.

2. Logitech M235

The Logitech M235 is much like the B170, apart from the fact that it looks a little fancier. The device is shaded black and gray with a contoured design that adds for better grip. The mouse has two click-buttons on the top with a scroll-wheel in the center and comes along with a Logitech unifying receiver. The device is powered by 1 AA battery and comes along with 1-year manufacturer warranty. You can purchase the Logitech M235 for a price of Rs. 795.

3. Tera Byte Ultra Slim


The Tera Byte Ultra Slim mouse looks and feels far sleeker than both the above mentioned Logitech devices. A glance from far-off will remind you much of Apple’s Magic Mouse. The device is quite flat, sports a matte black finish and comes with two click buttons and a scroll wheel. You will find a wireless receiver included in the packaging along with a battery and 1-year manufacturer warranty.

4. Microsoft Wireless 1850

Another simple yet elegant wireless mouse is that by Microsoft. The device comes at an entry price of INR. 750. The device is shaped like an oval pebble and sports a matte black finish with the scroll-wheel being grey. The mouse sports two click-buttons and is powered by a singe AA battery. Like the others, this too comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty.

5. Microsoft Mobile 3500

This mouse is slightly smaller than the other Microsoft one mentioned above and comes at a higher price of INR. 1,399. The device is fashioned with contours for better grip and comes with a scroll wheel and two click buttons as well as a power button to turn if off/on. The device uses ‘Blue Track’ technology which makes it great to use on various surfaces and comes along with 3-year manufacturer warranty.