Welcome lovely ladies, this articles is dedicated to you all. There are various websites available which share easy to apply make-up, hair and fashion tutorials. These simple Do-it-yourself hacks will you enhance your beauty and inspire the love for make-up within you. These make-up websites enable you to choose the best make-up along with the techniques of applying it in a way that suits your face the best.

Beauty hacks are designed and introduced especially for beginners. Applying beauty hacks and trying different looks will make you glow amongst your social group. Well if you wish to become a centre of attraction by beautifying your looks, then you should not miss checking out the Dysport treatment and various websites sharing best and quick DIY beauty hacks.



Makeup tutorials share amazing videos giving easy tips on how to apply make-up, hair-do, nail-art application, moisturizers for dry skin, easy to get gorgeous look daily and much more. The website has various categories like tutorials, hairs & nails, looks, fashion, news & trends and product reviews. The website reviews products from various famous make-up brands like Sephora, Ultra Beauty, MAC, NARS and Bobbi Brown. Makeup tutorials aim to inspire and cultivate the love for fashion in you. You can view the tutorials and share feedback and opinions about it. The tutorials include beauty basics as well as beauty tips & tricks category. The famous DIY beauty blogs include ‘DIY Crayon Lipstick which is exactly like Creating a Mac Lipstick Dupes,’ ‘Genius Beauty Hacks from Instagram which every girl should check out,’ ‘Do’s and Don’ts of applying different lipstick shades’ and many more cool beauty hacks.



Marieclaire website runs a blog on various topics like Beauty, Fashion, News, Politics, Travel, Culture, Horoscope, Health & Fitness, Food, Career and more. This website claims to have the widest list of must-know DIY beauty hacks. The famous blogs here are ‘80 Genius DIY Beauty Hacks That’ll Change Your Life’, Master Class: DIY Hair Treatments, ‘Easy DIY Festive Holiday Nail Art Video,’ ‘3 Simple Hairstyles to DIY for Summer’ and ‘The Ultimate DIY Pedicure.’ You just name it; they have it all like tricks on the application of concealer, eye shadow, how to cover dark circles, the direction of application of blush-on and many more. Beauty Videos are also uploaded on the website so that the audience gets a clearer idea, especially in the case of showcasing a hairstyle. Along with depicting the beauty of the process, Marie Claire even suggests which brands and products to use. This would help the users to fetch better results. Ladies can even subscribe to following the website for new updates.



Buzzfeed website has a special DIY newsletter which users can subscribe to get the latest updates. Buzzfeed website shares new posts on various topics like Books, Entertainment, Food, Health, Beauty, Travel, Parents, Music, Style, Fashion, Science and a lot more. The website has a special DIY category showcasing videos and blogs on style, fashion, beauty, etc. The blog has posts on how to use your lash curler to have a perfect eyeliner stick, how to use a visiting card or note card to get the best mascara line, the process of scraping out every last drop of foundation/bronzer/shimmer just before schlepping out to the store again for a new one, the technique of faking fuller lips and many more hacks. Well check it out and adopt the hacks to shimmer amongst friends.



Refinery29 website runs a beauty blog on helping women overcome their daily beauty challenges. The simple beauty hacks and hairstyle tricks have evolved the entire concept of beauty. The website even has videos posted on Fashion, Beauty, Technology, Health, Entertainment and other News. A lot of videos and blogs are posted here by thousands of experts sharing their personal experiences. Beauty includes hair, nails, skin, fragrance, make-up and many related components which can enhance one’s beauty. Refinery29 focuses on all elements on Beauty by sharing Beauty hacks on each of them.



Merakilane is another fabulous website that shares superb beauty hacks which every woman should know. Make-up artists share their experiences and secrets with the gorgeous ladies on Merakilane.com. The most famous makeup artists claim that following their tips and tricks would make a drastic change in highlighting beauty. Some of the amazing video blogs are How to get flawless, glowing skin in just 3 minutes, step by step procedure on the application of eyeliner, the technique of avoiding cracking of concealer, how to set-up your make-up for long and many more. These video tutorials are a complete guide to having flawless beauty.


While looking for best beauty hacks sites, you might get confused about which site to follow. I have curated the best sites for all lovelies reading this article. These websites share reviews, experiences and hacks straight from the horse’s mouth i.e. the most famous make-up artists present in the industry. These worth-full beauty hacks would make a huge difference in terms of transforming your overall looks. Have a look, how?