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Best Website for an Online File Converter

Many websites are being used to convert files all around the globe. It is a basic need of students, freelancers, the business community and the professionals to convert the files from one format to another. They use different tools and methods for this purpose. Some of them use online websites while others use applications or servers as a lot of facilities are available these days to convert the files.

Some people are afraid of privacy. They think that the files they are uploading for conversion will be leaked and it can cause a huge loss to their work or business. Some websites have downloading issues. Some save the data permanently even after the conversion. Then few websites can not convert the files to and from every format. They are limited to a few formats. Today, I will tell about the best website for file conversion that is easy and safe to use and will maintain your privacy.


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If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for all the types of files conversion, FileZigZag is the website place for you. What would be better than a website that renders all services of file conversion from all sorts of formats to PDF and vice versa? You can modify your documents from MS word, excel, JPEG, PowerPoint, and all other known formats into PDF and PDF into all the available formats in no time, as it is very speedy and handy to use.

It is a website that you can trust in since it provides complete user secrecy ensuring that no content shall be misused. All your files once you have modified them shall be erased from the server ensuring no other person has access to them, and all that is just for free. It also offers premium features that have minimal costs so if you are looking for premium services of file conversion, FileZigZag is the perfect platform for you.

File Zig Zag is our number one choice for an online file converter.


Hipdf is considered the best website to convert the files from one format to another. It is considered the most efficient PDF file converter. It is being used in almost all parts of the world. It has increased its value due to its workability and efficiency. It is an online system so you do not have to install any software, server or application on your computer or laptop. The way of its usage is very simple. It can convert the files to and from almost all the formats. It is used to convert the files from PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint or any other relatable format. On the other hand, the documents from Word, Excel or PowerPoint can also be converted into PDF format. It does not have any complicated system which makes it very easy to use and provides the best user interface.

Hipdf is all in one online PDF solution. It performs multiple functions as it can convert the files from almost all the formats to any other format without any restriction. It can also be used for file compression. It is commonly used to convert the files from the PDF format to Word format, Word format to PDF format, PDF format to Excel format, Excel format to PDF format, PDF to images and images to PDF. It is also used as the image converter and converts PDF to JPG and JPG to PDF. It can also be used to merge and split the PDF files. Editing PDF files can also be done on this website. It is also used to convert the files from PDF to PowerPoint and PowerPoint to PDF. It has many other functions too as it can crop and protect the PDF files. This website can also be used to unlock PDF files.

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