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Best ways to get over Writer’s Block

As a writer, you need to constantly be writing. However, there will be times when you can’t find the inspiration to work. When you’re staring at a blank computer screen or a blank piece of paper, you need to do something to find your muse. If you don’t, you won’t get paid. Here are the best ways to get over writer’s block.

1. Take a Short Break

If you work continuously without a break, your brain may start to lose focus. Even if you have a deadline to meet, you should take a quick five or fifteen-minute break to go for a walk or have a healthy snack. When you get back, you may be surprised at how clear everything suddenly seems. Simply doing something else besides writing can have a huge impact on your ability to come back to the page and put words on it.

2. Read

If you want to come up with good things to write, read good writers. Read something from an author that inspires you. You can also read to learn more about a specific topic you’re talking about. As you read, take note of important facts that might be useful to you later. You should also look for certain style methods and tools that seem particularly effective. On the other hand, you may choose to try something completely different since it’s already been done.

3. Go on a Mini Vacation

Sometimes, you need more than a small break. Sometimes, you need to go somewhere that will take you out of work for a weekend. Pack a suitcase (and the laptop) and head out for a couple of days. You could go just about anywhere depending on your location and your budget. You might choose to go camping or visit one of the casinos in San Diego for a weekend. When you are out on vacation, you get the opportunity to clear your mind and come back to work with a fresh perspective.

4. Try Brainstorming Exercises

If writing a creative piece, sometimes you need to get the juices flowing. You can do this with the use of brainstorming exercises. One popular and easy exercise is to just grab a pen and paper and spend ten minutes writing different words and thoughts and possible plot points. When you are done, you can examine what you’ve come up with and see if you can turn it into something more organized.

5. Work in a New Environment

Sometimes you just need a change of atmosphere. If you typically work from home, you may choose to work in a new location. Some people enjoy working at libraries or coffee shops. You may also choose to work with a group of people. Even if you can’t talk, you may find motivation just from someone else there working next to you. When you’re done, you can go over your writing accomplishments for the day. If you trust the person’s advice, you may even share your work.

As a writer, you have to write. When the creative juices aren’t flowing, you can find yourself not getting very much done. Don’t let this happen to you. Take a breath and come back to work with a clear head and the ability to get writing.

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