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Best Way to Convert Apple Music to MP3 – SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter Review

People need to convert Apple Music to MP3 because they may need to download the Apple Music songs for offline playback, or transferring the songs they like to other devices for enjoying freely. To prevent users from downloading Apple Music songs, Apple Inc. adopts a technology, which is DRM (known as Digital Rights Management), to encrypt the songs. To remove this protection, the only tool you need is an Apple Music Converter.

Best Choice to Convert Apple Music to MP3 on Computer

There are different Apple Music Converter in the market, but here a rational option, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter, which is going to be recommended to help you convert Apple Music songs on a desktop.

Why SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter? What benefits can it bring to its users? Here I will break them down for you one by one.

#1. Easy-to-use But Professional

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter provides a clean and simple interface, which makes it intuitive for everyone to use. This converter is lightweight software and it is designed with user-friendly functions. Although it can be easily operated, its outputs can be processed professionally. Therefore, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter will help you convert Apple Music songs with the best service on the desktop.

#2. High-quality Plain Formats

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter offers plain formats to encode the downloaded Apple Music songs, including MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC, etc. so people can play the songs on almost all devices because these plain formats are widely supported on different devices. Besides, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter will maintain the song quality as original as it should be, ensuring the best streaming quality offline.

#3. Auto-detect iTunes Library

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter can sync with your iTunes library automatically, so you can directly get the playlist for selecting the Apple Music songs inside SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter without copying and pasting URLs between apps. This brings more convenient operation to users to get their Apple Music songs converted easily.

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter brings professional service with very simple operations. Besides, it also offers a 30-days free trial for everyone to experience the program.

Restriction of free trial: You can only convert Apple Music songs in up to 3 minutes.

What Else You Can Do on SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter?

Except for these general features, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter can bring more to its dear users, from the convenient operations to the customized output settings. Here are some additional amazing benefits that SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter can bring:

* Customized Output Settings

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter gives users full rights to customize the songs they are going to download. Users can freely select the parameters for encoding their Apple Music songs such as format, sample rate, bitrate, channel, and quality.

* Editable Metadata

SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter provides users the right to edit the metadata of the Apple Music songs to help them easily classify the downloaded songs. The title, album, artist, and genre can all be edited freely.

* Batch Download

To save users’ time and make the downloading to be more efficient, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter enables batch downloads to save more than one task at the same time. So you can get a couple of Apple Music songs downloaded within a short time.

* Convert All Songs to One Format

Instead of selecting the output format one-by-one, SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter enables users to select one single format to convert all songs at the same time, which makes the operation to be quicker and more convenient.

How to Convert Apple Music to MP3 with SpotiKeep?

After knowing so many wonderful features of SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter, let me also walk you through the tutorial on using SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter to download and convert Apple Music to MP3 or other audio formats. You only need several simple clicks to get the process completed.

STEP 1. After well install SpotiKeep Apple Music Converter on your computer, launch the software and it will also awake iTunes to connect the library. Then you can directly read the whole list inside the software for selecting the songs.

SpotiKeep Apple Music to MP3 Converter Sync iTunes

STEP 2. Move down to “Output Settings” to adjust the parameters for the songs. Then, you can also navigate to the “Metadata” section to edit the ID3 tags of the selected songs.

SpotiKeep Apple Music to MP3 Converter Output Settings

STEP 3. Finally, click the “Convert” button, and all your selected Apple Music songs will be converted to the offline audio files in your selected encoder.

SpotiKeep Apple Music to MP3 Converter Converting

When you get the Apple Music songs downloaded offline, you can enjoy the audio files at any time and anywhere you like because you have no longer need to access iTunes or Apple Music app for streaming them!


Apple Music is one of the most popular music streaming apps in the world. However, the downloaded music a user can get is still encrypted, even if you pay for it. So, here we’ve presented you the best and easiest way to download and convert Apple Music to MP3 to enjoy your Apple Music playlists anywhere.

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