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The Best Video Converter Tool for Mac Review

The number of software available for Mac is very less as compared to that for Windows. And when it comes to finding the best video converter for Mac, your job becomes even tougher. But I am here to save you from the dilemma.

Is there a Perfect Converter for Mac?

Yes, there is. I am pretty sure that you can’t come across an impeccable media converter for Mac like Movavi ever.

It clearly outplays all the competitors be it in terms of compatibility, speed or design. If you have a habit of cutting small clips from a lengthy video, you will find Movavi’s in-house editor as a cherry on the cake.

I am not here to explain all its features because I know majority of you have heard their name at least once as Movavi has been dominating the industry for quite a while now.

Assuming that you downloaded the best media converter, Movavi, I will be explaining the process of converting a video on Movavi.

How to Convert a Video on Movavi?

Converting videos on Movavi is not a Herculean task. You can finish the procedures within a minute.

Step 1: Go to Movavi’s official site and choose the Mac version. Download the executable setup file.

Step 2: As you install any other software, do this as well. Then, open the tool using the desktop icon or from the installed directory itself.

Step 3: You can see an Add video button on the left top portion of the screen. Clicking on the same will open a Browse file box with which you need to select the video file for conversion.

Step 4: Next, you must choose the target format and the resolution. For that, click on Convert to, and you are provided with a drop-down menu of formats.

Step 5: Then click Convert right away. That’s all. You can change the destination folder if you want. By default, the output file will be stored in Movavi library.

That’s all. Even if I explained it in length, the process barely takes 1 minute. And the conversion may prolong according to the size of the source file.

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