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Best UPI Apps To Use for Online Gaming in India

Online gaming has taken the country by storm, with more and more types of games available for Indian users to try. From Garena Free Fire to PUBG, and from online poker games to sports betting apps, online gaming is at an all-time high!

Online gaming has quickly gained a lot of traction amongst the youngest generations of smartphones users in the country, with more and more people willing to spend money to maximize their gaming experience. In-game purchases on online gaming apps or money deposited to bet on real-money gaming apps are becoming more common every day. Since the online gaming industry has come to heavily rely on online payments, the digital payment infrastructure in India has begun to play a crucial role in the online gaming ecosystem.

Whether you’re looking to buy bundles of better weapons on COD Mobile or seeking to bet on cricket using betting sites in India that are legal, online payment systems play a very important role in determining the kind of online gaming experience you can expect.

Fortunately, most great gaming apps as well as online gaming websites now accept UPI as a payment option. Which begs the question – which UPI app gives the best user experience when it comes to spending money on online gaming? Let’s find out!


PhonePe happens to be India’s favorite UPI app, which is evident from its mammoth market share within all the third-party payment apps that are a part of the UPI ecosystem. PhonePe also happens to have a more user-friendly approach to UPI payments, with a very low failure rate when it comes to successful transactions of money.

PhonePe also functions as a digital wallet, much like Paytm, which people can use as an alternative if the UPI infrastructure is facing difficulty.


Paytm happens to be one of the most widely used digital wallets in the country, but doesn’t seem to be all that popular as a UPI app. However, since Paytm started its own online gaming vertical under the name of Paytm First Games, it is a great alternative for those users who would like a payment app that also doubles as an online gaming platform.

Google Pay

Google Pay is the second largest third-party payment app when it comes to the UPI market share. And while Google Pay is very reliable and popular when it comes to online UPI transfers, it cannot function as a digital wallet. This means that if ever the UPI payment system is facing some internal or technical error, users of Google Pay have to shift to other modes of payments to successfully pay for their online gaming needs.


BHIM was the original UPI app designed by the NPCI themselves in order to make UPI payments easy and secure. However, BHIM has suffered much against its more user-friendly competitors and does not have a large user base. However, BHIM seems to manage fine when it comes to UPI payments, offering little else.

Then there are even more UPI apps like Amazon Pay, Samsung Pay, WhatsApp Pay, etc. that have yet to create a huge impact on the online gaming market. However, whichever payment app you choose to use, UPI continues to be the flagbearer of the online gaming wave in India!

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