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Best TVs to buy under 50 inches to suit all your needs

televisions are one of the things that come in all shapes and sizes. Though off late, people prefer buying big TVs to get a complete theatre-like feel in their house, there is still a section that prefers a small TV that is not too pricey, is easy to carry around (in case you have to shift houses often) and would not take up to much space in your house. While finding the ‘best’ TV according to your preference on the market can be a task because everyone’s requirements from their televisions are personalised, the deciding factor remains to be the price versus specifications offered by the television. In this world of numerous choices, choosing the ‘best television for you’, however, is possible and that essentially depends on what you plan to do with it, basis which you can easily narrow down your search. Below we have listed down the best Smart televisions in different size segments you can invest in.

Top 2 Full HD Smart TV (32 inch)

  • LG LM56 Smart HD TV


This LG Smart TV comes equipped with a host of impressive features to delight your senses. With a 32 inch LED screen,50hz refresh rate and a 178 degree viewing angle, it makes this a great solution for your entertainment needs. You can experience rich, faultless, multi-faceted sound as the Dolby Audio Dual speakers with 20 W output on your TV convey sound from all points.It comes along with a smooth and easy to use operating system with features like screen mirroring and Wifi to enjoy your daily dose dose of entertainment. Finally, the LG LM56 Smart HD TV   has a  thin bezel and stylish design that will enhance the interiors of your home. Available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores

  • Xiaomi TV 5A (32 inch)

INR 14999

This 32-inch offering by Xiaomi highlights a rich metal frame with a bezel-less design and comes equipped with HD ready, 1366 x 768 resolution LED screen. Also, flaunting  a wide colour gamut, this TV gives excellent visuals and life-like pictures on a Full HD Display with more profound varieties because of a more extravagant variety range equipped to show more than 16 million colours. This TV will certainly upgrade your aural experience with Dolby Audio, which gives 20W of high-definition sound. With the Xiaomi TV 5A, pictures come to life with an exclusive picture engine which tunes colour, contrast, and depth to precision with each visual. Prevalent Performance with a Quad Core A55* chip that makes your TV experience wonderfully smooth and accompanies Android 11TV out of the box. Available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores

 Top 2 Full HD Smart TV (43 inch)

  • realme Smart TV

INR 21999

This amazing  realme 108cm (43-inch) Full HD LED Smart TV is a one stop solution entertainment load. It comes with 1920 x 1080 pixels with a 60hz  refresh rate, astonishing picture quality along with the realme’s proprietary Chrome Boost Picture Engine which uses advanced algorithms to enhance the overall picture quality and improves the brightness, colour, contrast and clarity to deliver stunning visuals. Moreover, with up to 400 nits peak brightness, the screen is easily visible even under bright light. It includes Google Assistant, the Android 11 operating framework and Bluetooth 5.0, connecting your LED TV to various devices such as Bluetooth Speakers, headphones, game consoles, etc. The realme Smart TV comes with 3 x HDMI and 2 x USB ports and a USB storage capacity of 8 GB. Bring home this TV from realme with a beautiful bezel-less design along with 24 W Dolby Surround Audio Quad speakers that blend in with  your style providing immaculate picture and surreal sound execution. Available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores

  • OnePlus TV Y Series Y1S Edge

INR 25999

Experience Full HD Flat Panel Android Smart TV the  OnePlus Y1S Edge 109.22cm (43-inch) that comes with a 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution and 60 hz refresh rate. OnePlus’s innovative Gamma Engine further develops picture quality by cleverly changing the image for super clear and vivid quality, rejuvenating each scene.It comes along with up to 24W of razor-sharp, high-definition powerful speakers for surreal sound quality. Whether you’re watching a movie or a sporting event, strong and evocative music will elevate your experience and every image is surrounded by an ocean of crystal-clear sound, thanks to Dolby Audio. The smooth bezel-less edge has been carefully developed to give a captivating, true-to-life experience that suits your style. This television is available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores

Top 2 Smart Tv 4K (43 inch)

  • realme Smart TV 4K (43 inch)

INR 27999

The realme 4K TV is equipped with innovative features that will give you an immersive cinematic experience as soon as you play all your favourite movies. With a 4K UHD MediaTek Processor, you can enjoy a smooth visual experience without any glitches so that nothing interrupts your movie time. realme Smart TV along with Dolby Vision, brings you the most innovative display technology right into your home.You can enjoy the 24 W Quad Stereo speakers and Dolby Audio System of this TV. This way, you can experience rich audio while watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.And, powered by Google, this TV brings you a variety of content through the Google Play Store.Available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores

  • Samsung Crystal 4K Smart TV

    INR 32990

The Samsung Ultra HD (4K) LED Smart TV  is a stylish, minimalist, and feature-rich home entertainment appliance mode. An elegant and slick design that gives a flawless and vivid picture quality. PurColor makes watching films feel almost like you are there due to a powerful 4K upscaling which ensures you get up to 4K resolution for the content you love. You will also experience more life-like colour expressions due to its sophisticated colour mapping technology.Surround yourself with sound from 20 W Dolby Digital Plus Surround speakers and soundbar orchestrated in harmony. Q Symphony uniquely allows TV and soundbar speakers to operate simultaneously for better surround effect without muting TV speakers. Available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores.

Top 2 Smart TV 4K (50 inches)

  • realme Smart TV 4K

INR 36999

This realme TV gives you a true-to-life experience in the solace of your home with its stunning picture quality. Its display supports 1.07B colours and a 83% NTSC wide colour gamut, with the goal that you can experience a plethora of vivid colours and beautiful images while streaming content, and that’s just the beginning. Talking about the sound in this TV, Dolby Atmos, the most weighty sound innovation from Dolby Cinema, has worked interestingly with realme Smart TV, making you feel a more profound association with the narratives and music you love, along with ensuring a vivid sound experience that gives you stunning authenticity. Also, the 24W Quad Stereo Speakers restore true-to-life sound, making listening to content a treat for your ears.

Because of realme’s selective Chroma Boost Picture Engine, the 4K presentation conveys a phenomenal visual banquet, with expanded splendour, differentiation, and variety for a realistic picture. With up to a 2.6mm super meagre bezel, the realme smart TV accompanies a 97.2% screen-to-body proportion, permitting you to partake in a vivid review of the film story. Available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores

  • OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro

INR 32999

 OnePlus has launched the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro. The savvy TV, very much like any remaining OnePlus gadget, follows the OnePlus’ Never Settle belief system and brings what the brand is most popular consistent experience with class-driving specs at reasonable prices. One of the main motivations for bringing the OnePlus TV 50 Y1S Pro home is its huge 4K Ultra HD 50-inch screen. The enormous size of the showcase implies that you will actually want to experience the theatre feel solidly in your homes. To amp up those at-home-theatre flows, OnePlus has additionally added Dolby Audio to the gadget. The TV carries two full-range speakers with an all-out result of 24W, which implies plainly that sound won’t ever be an issue with the OnePlus TV 50 Y1 S Pro. Controlled by the solid Android TV 10.0 stage, the gadget comes outfitted with all of the smart elements one would look for in a smart TV, to say the least. Available on official website, Flipkart, Amazon and offline stores