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Best third party shipping service providers from the US to India


When it comes to shipping services, we all know how hectic it is. Different shipping services charges differently. It depends on the brand to brand as everyone has shipping rates according to their terms and conditions. Also, we all are addicted to online shopping as it is convenient and does not create much hassle for people who not have time for themselves. They come up so many different varieties that we forget about what is going on in our country. Whether it is about mobile phones, shoes, clothes or any tech gadgets. We all love to explore new things in the online market, which forces us to shop more and more products. But the main fear is shipping charges as they depend upon the product. Especially if your products are fragile, such as phones, laptops or glass; their shipping charges are comparatively high than the ones which are light in weight and easy to ship.

But Ship7 is here to end your all problems for shipping. Yes, you saw it right. Ship7 is the third-party shipping service which provides you with products from abroad to your hometown. You can easily shop endlessly and let Ship7 handle your products. “Is it safe”? Yes, Ship7 is the secured company, and they help their customers to make their shipping services fast and hassle-free. So many users recommend it because it provides shipping services at low costs that too, with a large number of discounts. Now you can carelessly shop and appoint ship7 to handle your products. Don’t worry, their warehouse is entirely safe, and you wait for your product peacefully at your place. Their warehouse has cameras and full security which will help your product to remain safe.

Also, they eliminate the packaging layers. Sometimes overseas shipping gets you a massive amount of packaging which lets courier person handle the weight of the packaging. But Ship7 makes sure that your packaging of the product is minimum so that you can open it without any trouble.


Ship7 brings you a premium amount of services. They provide ultimate quality services. But for that, you have to register your details on their page and make your dream products arrive at your place without any problem. Registration on Ship7 is entirely free. And in case if the brands ask you to pay through credit card, you can easily let Ship7 know about it. Ship7 will pay on behalf of you. How cool is that? People can calculate their shipping cost from Ship7 Calculator and also Ship7 provides tax-free shopping option and this is a great new for global shoppers. You can also check the Tax-Free Shopping Option with Ship7.

Ship7 is the best third-party shipping service. It will deliver your product with low shipping coasts at any corner of the world. You can now shop endlessly and get your favourite brands delivered home. Their experts are here for you 24/7 in case if you need any help. They will make sure that your product is provided to you without any damage. Ship7 will probably become your best friend because who doesn’t want their favourite brands to be home even though it is thousands of kilometres away!