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Class 10 board is very crucial for all the students. This is the turning point where they will be deciding the course they will be taking in classes 11 and 12. All the subjects should be given equal importance and have to be studied with full interest and focus. Class 10 has Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Hindi and English as the main subjects.

Students should not neglect any subject as everything has its importance and adds to the overall percentage.

Students should prepare the class 10 syllabus with full concentration and make a proper study plan from day one.  They can refer to Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for all the subjects and RS Aggarwal Class 10 Solutions for the Maths where the solution is very comprehensively presented making the preparation easier for the students. Class 10 has a major role in every student’s life in choosing their career. They have to make all efforts to score well in class 10. The concepts and the fundamentals that they learn in class 10 will be very helpful in the future when they give competitive exams. 

Benefits of the NCERT solutions for class 10 preparation.

The benefits are many if the students refer to NCERT Solutions for all the subjects.  When it comes to class 10 board preparation every one wants to prepare well at the same time if it is too time-consuming then one starts getting irritated and frustrated. This is where the NCERT solutions will be of great help.

  1. The solutions are very organized according to the chapters of each subject.
  2. The explanations of the chapters are very comprehensive.
  3. The language used is very distinct which any student can understand.
  4. The solutions of each subject are prepared by the experts having thorough subject knowledge. 
  5. They follow the CBSE curriculum.
  6. Students being thorough with the solutions can be assured of accurate preparation. 
  7. The practice exercises and the solved question papers will help the students to evaluate their progress.
  8. The complex solutions are explained in easy steps.
  9. Students can save their time as the solutions are readily available and they need not search for the answers.

Benefits of studying Maths from RS Aggarwal Class 10 Solutions for Mathematics.

All the chapters are well defined in the solutions giving an effective preparation for the 10 class board exam. The solutions include all the important chapters and students can download the solutions free of cost. 

The complete revision can be done thoroughly through Vedantu’s NCERT solution. This is the best guide for students of class 10 to have ready solutions of all the subjects comprehensively.

Tips to prepare for class 10 board preparation.

Study plan and timetable.

Know the syllabus and the chapters of each subject and prepare a plan for each day. This should include Mathematics as the daily routine along with the other subjects. This is because Maths needs regular practice to develop accuracy.

Follow the schedule.

Once you have made the timetable make sure that you follow it regularly. This will give a systematic and organized study pattern.

Read and write

Expect Mathematics all the other subjects should be read and understood the concepts. Subjects like science in which Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are all in a single edition have to be understood conceptually. Once the concepts are clear it becomes very easy to answer the questions.

Chemistry has lots of elements and compounds name to be memorized. This can be done easily if you read it every day. Write the names of the elements and compounds in the notebook and revise them every day. You can also highlight the important topics and compounds which helps in the easy preparation.

Biology- There are lots of terminologies and diagrams which have to be practiced to get a proper grip of the subject. Revise and practice daily.

Languages (English and Hindi)- A proper understanding of grammar and the rules should be followed and learned systematically. Reading chapters and poems will give you the familiarity of words so the answers to what you write are presentable and content-relevant.

Preparation of the notes.

Prepare the notes systematically. You can make short notes of the topics and highlight the important points so that the revision during the exam becomes very easy.


Make sure to revise whatever has been studied the previous day. You can also review the notes regularly so you are aware of the important topics and the points.

Solving the previous question paper.

Once you have completed the syllabus you can solve the question paper which will help in the development of the time management skills and also to get the accuracy of the speed while writing. You can evaluate the answers and rectify the mistakes.

Following the tips and with Vedantu’s solutions you can prepare well the class 10 syllabus without much stress and pressure.

Making short study sessions.

 Sometimes long study sessions will be irritating and sometimes you might be frustrated. Instead of studying for long hours make it short and take breaks in between. This will motivate and you will be more focused. A break will make you fresh.


Don’t keep buying the books and refer to everything. This will create lots of confusion. You can be thorough with the textbook and the NCERT solutions which is enough to score well in the exam.

Have a proper sleep

Don’t study for long at night and spoil your sleep. This will spoil your next day’s timetable and will spoil the complete 

Be positive 

 Some students will always have exam fear. Even if the preparation is good still they will have a kind of fear within. Try to be positive and think that this is as good as a class exam. If you have fear sometimes you might forget what you know. Think positive and stay positive. If you are thorough with the preparation nothing can be in the way of success.


Prepare the syllabus with the proper timetable. Know your strengths and weakness in the topics and devote the time accordingly.  Solve the previous years’ question paper to get the proper time management skills and accuracy. Rectify the mistakes and learn from your mistakes.

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