Slack is the best cloud-based team collaboration software where you can create or manage your teams and start a live chat with them. As the biggest website with expertise, it demands money for an extended use of the Slack and is not open source. Here are some free alternatives which you can consider for your website or just to create a business team and these are open source too!

Rocket Chat

Rocket Chat is an open source alternative for Slack; it’s highly customizable. If you know deep programming, you can optimise this app for you with options which Slack doesn’t provide you even with paid version of it. You can do audio and video conference with your team and even share your screen with your teammates.mockup

You can download the Rocket.Chat for Android, iOS devices, Mac OS PC, Windows and Linux systems. If you want to self-host your own Rocket.Chat client, there is stable and beta build available for download at Rocket Chat website.

eXo Platform

eXo Platform is an enterprise social network which works like most of the social networking sites where you can create user profile with avatar picture, job title, contact details, skills and background. You can search people through a centralized directory of individuals. You can build your own network by connecting to other people and track their activity through their activity streams.

Create your space or join one for collaboration in projects where you can share documents, tasks, events and more. You can private your space or make it public where anyone can join to collaborate. You can follow the latest updates from your colleagues and your space at any time and from anywhere by downloading the eXo Platform app from the store.


Bitrix24 is another social intranet to unite your company over one website. Just like Facebook, you’ll get all the updates from your team right at one place. Activity Stream is like your wall for all your employees or team members and provides you real-time updates from them.29_miercoles_tw_bitrix

Just like other social networks, Bitrix24 has a Like button, liking the content influence the search results. Most liked content is shown with priority on the top of search results. Integrate your Social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter to share tweets and posts directly to your Bitris24’s Activity Stream.


HipCHat is a social network which is totally built for business and loaded with lots of features like group chat, video chat and screen sharing. You can make the chat private or create a conference by adding more team members to the same chat. HipChat is available for free on all platform and OSes.hipchat800

HipChat is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux so you won’t miss an important message. Work serious with serious integrations like Github, Mailchimp, JIRA, Google and more or shake stress off with custom emoticons, bots, animated GIF, RSS feeds and Twitter notifications.


Samepage is an award-winning collaboration and messaging platform with a complete set of collaboration tools. Team messaging, task management, shared calendars, file sync and video calling are some features Samepage provides a simple and clean user interface.

Tons of integration are available to suit your workflow like Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Maps, Hangout, Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube and more. Easy share important files like documents, spreadsheets, images, presentations or even more using a simple drag and drop interface.


These were the best and free alternatives for Slack which you can use from the website itself or host it on your private server to keep it secure. If you know more slack alternatives you used which should be on this list, then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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