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Best Samsung VOIP phones available to buy

Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a method by which voice communications and multimedia content are delivered over Internet Protocol (IP) networks such as the Internet. The fundamental principle involved in VoIP telephone calls is similar to that of traditional digital telephony. It requires signaling, channel setup, digitization of the analog voice signals, and encoding. In VoIP, the digital information is packetized. This means the transmission occurs as IP packets over a packet-switched network. The audio streams are transported using particular media delivery protocols, which encode audio and video with audio codecs including video codecs.

Samsung has manufactured a wide range of VOIP phones for business purposes. In this article, we will examine the VOIP phones designed and developed by Samsung.


The IP Phone SMT-I6010 is a functional and user-friendly entry-level budget IP phone for small and medium offices. The phone is easy to install and update. Moreover, it offers crystal clear voice quality. You can be able to access volume, do not disturb, voicemail, conference calling, hold, redial, call forwarding, call mute, call transferring options at your fingertips. You can easily configure new phones and upgrade the software using a simple USB drive.

On the specifications front, the SMT-I6010 offers a 3.2-inch mono LED backlight display with 12 programmable buttons. It includes four soft keys, 14 fixed function keys, RJ22 headset jack and one USB port.


The SMT-i6020 is a desk phone with intuitive operation, ergonomic design coupled with HD voice quality. The unique floating design enables you to easily pick up the handset from any direction or angle. With the help of HV voice, you will be able to experience improved acoustics. Moreover, the audio quality will be improved to a large extent, and hence you can speak with other people even in extreme noisy environment. The I6020 is a full duplex speaker phone, which means you can easily listen and talk hands-free.

Talking about specifications, the SMT-I6020 features a 3.2-inch mono LED backlight display with up to 99 programmable buttons. It includes four soft keys, 14 fixed function keys, navigation button, RJ22 headset jack and one USB port. Moreover, it also features a 2-port GbE network interface.


The IP Phone SMT-i6011 is an excellent IP phone for executive assistants and managers. It offers a polished and professional look. Hence, you will be able to experience both wired and wireless connectivity. The SMT-i6011 works in conjunction with smartphones via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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With the integrated 802.11n Wi-Fi in SMT-i6011, you will be able to move calls between the desk phone and smartphones easily. You need not have to worry about wires. It is also possible to synchronize contacts from your smartphone to your desk phone via the Samsung Device Manager (SDM) application. The specifications are more or less same as SMT-I6020.


The IP Phone SMT-i6021 features wired and wireless connectivity features with the ability to share calls via Bluetooth. The phone provides seamless call handover directly to your smartphone paired with advanced features and crystal clear voice quality. You need to install the Samsung WE VoIP app on your smartphone to shift the calls received on your desk phone to your handset and vice versa. It is also possible to transition calls from a Wi-Fi environment to your mobile phone without causing disturbances.

Winner of the 2015 Good Design Award, the SMT-i6021 IP Phone ships with a unique floating handset to enable you to pick up the handset from any direction or angle.

The SMT-i6021 features a 3.2-inch mono LED backlight display with up to 99 programmable buttons. It includes four soft keys, 14 fixed function keys, navigation button, RJ22 headset jack and one USB port. Moreover, it also features a 2-port GbE network interface with 27 multiple ringtones.


The SMT-I5343 phone is a perfect combination of power and style. The phone will take you to a new level of IP connectivity and enhances productivity and mobility. The main attraction of SMT-I5343 is the integration of NFC technology. You can use the Bluetooth technology to pair headsets and make call transfers between various gadgets.

The SMT-I5343 phone ships with the Samsung Deskphone Manager (SDM) software, which allows you to share your contacts, program keys and control settings between smart devices and landline phones. You can also make use of smartphones and tablets as add-on modules.

On the specifications front, the SMT-I5343 features a 4.3-inch TFT LCD backlight display, up to 99 programmable buttons, HD Voice, NFC, Wi-Fi hotspot including the ability to store 500 entries.


The IP Phone SMT-I5220S for Business will be perfect for remote office locations and office administrators. The phone will be ideal for customers who require flexibility, customized setup and multimedia UC. Moreover, it not only improves productivity but also enhances flexibility. You will be able to operate the phone easily.

The SMT-I5220S is designed dynamically for those who require multiple line appearances, DSS/BLF buttons, and one-touch speed dialing. The phone provides all the required tools to help you stay connected with employees, colleagues, and customers.

You will be able to work with multimedia UC solutions such as Samsung Communicator Integration (IM and presence), sync phonebook, call log to and UC toggle, and more. The phone also provides self-labeling programmable keys including support for optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 Gig LAN.

Coming to specifications, the SMT-I5220S features a 3.2-inch black and white LCD backlight display, 24 programmable buttons, 100 phone book entries and 30 in and out short messages. The phone offers 16 multiple ringtones, 2-port Fast Ethernet, speakerphone and optional wall mounting capability.


The SMT-I3105 will be suitable for common areas, lobbies, and waiting rooms. The phone offers the full functionality of an IP phone with support for secure transfer, hold and mute. You can mount it on the desk or wall. Moreover, the SMT-i3105 IP phone provides access to five predefined ring tones with the ability to store 100 entries and call logs. It also provides support for power over Ethernet compatibility (802.38af). The SMT-i3105 IP phone is equipped with fixed function keys such as Speaker/LED, Volume, Transfer, Hold, and Conference. With five programmable keys, there are nine feature keys in addition to 3 soft keys.

The SMT-I3105 phone features a 2.8-inch Black and White LCD with support for Samsung Communication Manager and OfficeServ Platform.


The SMT-I5210 will be suitable for an office environment with support for HD quality audio. Moreover, the phone offers advanced productivity features, easy-to-use programmable keys, and intuitive navigation. The SMT-i5210 IP phone provides support for call logs, voice mail, system directory and advanced UC collaboration features. The phone has a capacity to store up to 100 entries and call logs with 16MB flash memory. The SMT-i5210 phone includes 14 programmable buttons (for SCM platform) or 99 programmable buttons (for OfficeServ platform), which enables you to make use of the phone easily. The phone also provides support for optional Gigabit switch compatibility with 1 Gig LAN.

The 3.2-inch monochrome display phone also offers message waiting for the indicator, multiple ring tones up to 16, headset jack (RJ-22) and other standard features.


The SMT-I5230 for Business will be very suitable for sales staff since it provides support for several productivity tools such as Presence, Scheduler, IM, and video. The phone is equipped with intuitive and easy to use user interface and menu navigation including functionality. The phone enhances the productivity of sales staff to a great extent.

The SMT-I5230 phone ergonomically adjusts for ultimate viewing comfort with a large 3.2-inch monochrome display. The desi-less module enables you to personalize and frequently change numbers as needed. You need not require any paper strips to customize your phone.

The phone offers enhanced multimedia UC solutions such as Presence, Scheduler, Instant messaging and video with support for Gigabit switch 1 Gig LAN compatibility. The SMT-i5230 IP phone enables you to view five numbers at once. You can also scroll up and down to view a total of 99 numbers. The phone includes four soft and ten fixed function keys respectively.

Samsung Communication Manager IPX-S500 for Business

When you are investing for Samsung VoIP phones, you should also consider Samsung Communication Manager IPX-S500. It is an enterprise-class, full-featured phone system that is specially designed to create smart work environment. The IPX-S500 is designed to not only increase operational efficiency but also to enhance productivity. The IPX-S500 provides support for up to 3000 users with 1000 concurrent calls.

The Samsung Communication Manager IPX-S500 ships with Quad-core 2.4GHz processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 160GB storage and one DVD drive.


If you are running a business concern, you need to have access to premium VoIP phone equipment from a reputed company like Samsung. It will help your staff to interact with your clients in a user-friendly and intuitive manner. When it comes to business, you should not miss any phone calls. Moreover, automatic syncing from the VoIP phone to smartphone enables you to keep in touch with your business on the go. With a wide range of VoIP phones from Samsung, your business will be able to achieve the required productivity easily without wasting valuable time. You can select a phone depending on the taste, preferences, and requirements.