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Best real world IoT based home automation smart devices

Internet of things or IoT is on the rise now with many brands pitching in their part for the growth of the IoT ecosystem. It simplifies the way you do things around your home to a point where you no longer need to move from where you are sitting. Though the IoT ecosystem is yet to grow in India, the development of is on the move across various parts of the world. These IoT devices connect to your internet and then you can operate them right from your smartphone and some work based on gestures as well. In our today’s articles, we will take a close look at some of the best IoT based devices we found.

  1. CarIQ: This is a Pune based startup from India that is a plug and play device to your car. Over the period, it collects data in real-time for the various electronic device in a car and displays results based on your smartphone’s app. The device shows critical information like ‘headlight warning,’ technical problems, service alerts, fuel alerts and more. You can download and store the data including location information, towing alerts, speeding alerts, battery health and more. The inbuilt social sharing feature will allow you to share the information on your social media as well.
  2. Fitbit Aria: Fitbit is known for their fitness bands and products, coming from the same brand is the Aria which is a smart weight scale. It keeps track on weight, lean mass, body fat percentage and BMI. It comes with a syncing feature in the form of Fitbit dashboard that will display your daily growth, charts, graphs to keep you motivated. The Fitbit Aria can register up to eight users and collect the data to their private Fitbit accounts.
  3. Nest Learning Thermostat: When we talk about IoT, Nest devices are in the front line of their innovative products in various categories. The 3rd generation Thermostat comes with built-in Wi-Fi support so you can remotely control the temperature using your smartphone, tablet app. The new generation Thermostat comes with a bigger display and more sensors that show more information compared to the previous generation. If you find it costly, the company is offering cheaper version; Nest Thermostat E for $80.
  4. Philips Hue Bulbs: Philips has a solution for you if you wish to control bulbs at your home just by sitting in one place. The Hue bulbs are one stop solution for your IoT lighting; you can control the intensity of the light and also the color of them depending on your mood. The Hue ecosystem is quite popular now, and it works well with Alexa home speaker, Siri and Google Home assistant. The impressive Hue bulbs are available even in India as well.
  5. Anova Culinary Precision Cooker Wi-Fi: If you are into automated cooking, then the Anova culinary precision cooker is for you. The inbuilt Wi-Fi feature once you immerse the food sealed in plastic, lets you control the temperature and it even displays the current cooking status and current water temperature right on the app even when you are away from home. It also sends you notifications along the way of the cooking process at every step.

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Home automation is a vast segment of tech that is growing at a very rapid phase. Urban Ladder is one such portal in India. The wide variety of modern furniture from Urban Ladder and IoT devices can make your home look super-cool and smart at the same time.

We listed 5 of the top most IoT devices available across the globe and we hope India grows to become a bigger market for IoT devices in the days to come.

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