Best Portable keyboards you can buy for Android, iPhone and iPad

Portable Keyboards act as great saviors when your laptop isn’t working, and you have real work to do. These transportable keyboards are mostly full-sized unlike the small touch keypad of smartphones. Portable keyboards are most helpful when we need to write up a detailed mail, make a presentation or edit a document. They are compatible with both Android as well as iOS devices, and indeed turns them into a productive tool. 

I have listed ten best portable keyboards that are worth using. Let us have a look:

1. ZAGG Pocket Keyboard:

This portable keyboard by Zagg has a unique folding approach. It has a stand wherein you can simply place your phone and tablets for easy working. It folds horizontally between two rows of keys making it easy to handle and carry. It has an automatic on and off feature. Once the keyboard is unfolded, it starts on and switches off once folded back after use. This integrated battery life of this ZAGG keyboard is of two years. ZAGG keyboard is apt for rapid touch typing as the keys are similar to those of original keyboard.

Zagg ($69.99)

2. Logitech Keys-To-Go:

Unlike Zogg portable keyboard, this keyboard is not foldable but very slim like the cover of a hard book. You can easily slip it into any pocket of your bag and easily carry as it is very light weight. It constitutes of mechanical keys that are covered in dust and spill resistant material, thereby can be used anywhere. This keyboard provides a good typing experience as the keys are encased inside a fabric coating. This keyboard lacks an inbuilt phone keeping stand making it difficult to view the screen. But you can purchase a phone stand separately and use along with Logitech keys-to-go.

WayTools ($69.99)

3. Textblade:

This is a unique keyboard ever invented. This keyboard constitutes of three separate pieces which joins together magnetically to form a complete keyboard. The size of the keyboard is similar to that of a small ruler. This keyboard is a bit expensive in comparison with others but is a well-constructed model. It comes with a small stand compatible with phones not tablets. Textblade is a greatly demanded product having a long waiting delivery time.

Amazon ($99.99) 

4. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard:

It is recently being introduced by Microsoft and is giving great competition to the prevailing players in the market. It folds vertically from the middle of the keyboard and has ample folding space between the keys. It has low profile mechanical keys, making it difficult to adapt to for some typists. It would soon be available in the market for sale.

Microsoft ($99.95)

5. Perixx Periboard 805L:

Like the Microsoft Universal foldable keyboard, Perixx Periboard also folds halfway having ample space between keys to fold. This keyboard has no unique feature; just the low price factor makes it worth trying. Prixx Keyboard doesn’t possess any stand for the phone.

Amazon ($29.99)

6. Matias Folding Keyboard:

Another portable keyboard that folds midway but is quite wider in size than others. Most unusual thing about this keyboard is that it has a separate numeric keypad like those of normal keypads of laptops. This keyboard is exactly the same as you find on your laptops, having similar key size and exactly same spacing between the keys. There is no phone stand available with this keyboard.

Newegg ($48.35)

7. Lapworks Amigo:

It is a tri-foldable keyboard device which once folded becomes passport sized device. This keyboard cannot be placed on lap rather has to be placed on a flat surfaced for easy working. It supports heaviest of workload with ease. It comes with a small stand that can even lift a Tablet and iPad.

Laptopdesk ($139.95)

8. Brookstone Folding Bluetooth Keyboard:

It has a most typical design that folds halfway and is sized similar to that of a normal keyboard. The battery and charging ports of the keyboard lie on the left-hand side of the device. A separate mobile stand shall be required as it doesn’t have a phone stand available along. It is compatible with all Bluetooth supported gadgets. Merely low priced than other models makes it worth checking out.

Brookstone ($59.99)

9. iWerkz Foldable Keyboard:

Another portable keyboard that folds half way through the keys. The keys placing are similar to the keyboard of the laptop. Most users would take a little time to adjust this portable keyboard as it has a very narrow space running down the keys. iWerkz folding keyboard constitutes of a protective case that is very useful while transporting the keyboard. This protective case is later used as a mobile stand while working. There are several color options available for the keyboard as well as the case to choose from. Its price makes it worth trying.

Amazon ($29.50)

10. Happy Digital Keyboard:

It is a tri-fold model, having a bigger section in the middle and smaller flaps at the ends that fold on the top of the middle section for closing up. The flaps lock in place when fully opened up for typing. The keys of this keyboard are high profile in comparison to others making is easy for the typist to adapt. The layout of the keyboard is similar to that of the normal laptop keypad making it easy to move back and forth between devices. It is priced nominally targeting the middle-class segment.

Amazon ($49.99)


I hope the above mentioned portable laptop lists would help you make your decision of which one to buy easy. These portable laptops can be tossed into your smallest of bag and can used anytime and anywhere. Get free from the hassles of carrying your heavy laptops as you can easily complete your typing work through these amazing portable devices and off course your smartphone. I have written this article using a portable keyboard and my Android gadget very smoothly without even feeling the requirement of my laptop.