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Best Photo editing apps for Android and iOS with amazing filters

No matter how great camera your smartphone has, you can enhance the beauty of the snaps taken using some amazing Camera apps. There are a plethora of Camera Apps carrying amazing filters which provide a custom touch to your snaps. Advanced editing tools and funky emoji add a funny flair to the snaps. After editing effects are so good that the photo becomes eye-catchy and vibrant. These apps even provide a convenient option of sharing the edited pictures on social media platform directly through the app. Let us throw some light on each app:

9Candy Camera for Selfie:


7PicZone- Image Editor, Collage Maker, and Photo Stickers:

This app comes with lots of funny stickers. You can easily make your selfies or group photographs funny by adding different classy stickers to them. The app has a plethora of stickers like hairstyles, teeth, masks, crown, emoticons, mustache, hats, sunglasses and even many nature related stickers like trees, flowers, butterflies, etc. All these beautiful funky stickers not only beautifies your clicks but makes them eye-catchy. You can even create a collage and then add stickers to them. This app is very easy to understand and handle. The app has a special drawing tool through which you can add self-made images or even add text to your snaps.

Price: Rs. 190
Availability: iOS

6PicLab Photo Editor & Collage Maker:

Another amazing camera app having different types of funky and stylish stickers adding effects to your photographs. The app is famous for its typography artwork which includes a huge variety of text fonts created by world’s best designers. An ample number of stickers, artwork, and overlay are available on this app. This app enables you to give a professional touch to your photographs. The visual effects appear so real and eye catchy that you will not stop yourself from using this app. Add life to your photo and express yourself by adding wonderful stickers. What are you waiting for? Get creative! Download this app and make full use.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

5Fotor Photo Editor:

4Collage & Add Stickers Papelook:

This Camera app has 2500 cute stickers available in it. A perfect app for creating a collage and pasting stickers on it. You can even enter text and add stickers on photos. Each sticker can be resized and adjusted on the snap as per requirement. This app is user-friendly and free from the hassles of registering. You can easily save the decorated pictures into the phone gallery or share with friends through social media network like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. What are you waiting for? Download this app and decorate your photographs. You can even engage your children while enjoying this app. They will surely love it.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

3LINE Camera:

You will find coolest of stickers here, in this wonderful camera app. Trust me. Most stylish effects in combination with vibrant stickers are an icing on the cake. This app even has the option of animated stickers with sound effects and a sticker with a voice recorder. Application of these effects will make your pictures more attractive. This app has more than 5000 stamps, making it really difficult for you to select. Put up an amazing stamp and easily share the picture on all social networking platform.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS

2Scary Paranormal Face Changer:

1Photo Editor Collage Maker Pro:

This app is full of funny stickers like sunglasses, guitar, coke tins, hat, flowers, etc.  You can design your photos by adding a bow in your hair, wearing sunglasses, stylish boots or a funky necklace. The pictures can be customized as desired. Very easy to use and apply stickers. There are hundreds of border layouts to select from. This free app even allows you to post pictures online and receive likes.

Price: Free
Availability: Android | iOS ($2.99)


These useful camera apps have funny stickers available which will re-design your photos. Now make your photographs hilarious by adding funny stickers, sticker quotes, etc. Pasting stickers on Selfies and posting them is a new concept in trend. Everyone loves to do that. Who doesn’t admire eye-catching pictures? I guess everyone does.

You can easily post these creative pictures on social networking platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even share via Whatsapp. I would recommend you try these apps and show your love for stickers.

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