Best Nutrition and Dieting Apps for a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is achieved through adequate amount of exercise/workout and sleep as well as adoption of healthy eating habits acts as an icing on the cake. Strictly adhering to nutritious diet is a tedious task, which can be made easy by our smartphones. There are various nutrition and diet apps offered by Google play and iTunes that keep a track of our daily diet. These apps are equipped for calorie intake count as well as motivates users to follow healthy diet chart. Let us see which are the top listed and downloaded Nutrition and Diet Apps we have.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret:

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is one of the top most downloaded and followed health app. This absolutely free app helps in quick weight loss through its calorie counting and diet tracker feature. By downloading this app you can get easy access to the world’s highest quality food and nutrition database. With the help of this database you can create weekly diet chart and follow the same for getting in shape.

The Food Diary option keeps a track of all consumed food items per day and according calculates the calorie intake. There is supportive community which will thoroughly motivate you to avoid fatty food and stick to the designed diet chart. Weight tracker compares the amount of calories burned versus gained so far. So you can check your progress anytime. The app even lists relishing recipes with almost zero calories. You can now enjoy tasty food without worrying about any extra calories.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal:

Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal app is popular for having largest food database of over 6,000,000 food items listed so far. This easy to operate app shall help you shed extra pounds in shortest possible time. After free sign up, you just need to enter your favorite food items. The app shall then formulate a diet chart on daily basis that would include the food you love to have. The recipe importer feature enables app users to import any recipe from the web directly through the app. The diet chart formulation is done based on the customized health and fitness goal of the app user.

The app even possess a nutrient tracker that tracks calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugar, fiber, cholesterol, and more present in the food items you consume. The app has more than 350 cardio and weight training exercises that complements the diet chart and helps to lose faster. The progress charts will motivate you to adhere to a healthy diet and get in shape.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS

CarbsControl Carb Tracker:

This app is especially designed for diabetic patients who always stick to low carb diet plan. The main aim of the app is keep your carbs under control. Extra carb lead to generation of fat which in turn causes obesity.  So in order to prevent the repercussions of obesity, it is important for us to keep a constant check on our diet. CarbsControl Carb Tracker app is equipped with in-depth information regarding more than 80,000 food items, plus the food preparation details from 300 restaurants and 500 brands is also enlisted. The app promotes various diet plans like:

  • Atkins Diet
  • South Beach Diet
  • the Zone Diet
  • Protein Power Lifeplan
  • Go Lower Diet
  • Other low-carb plans

The app not only helps in losing extra pounds but also helps in maintaining current weight as the diet plan is designed accordingly. The app motivates users to stick to their carbs goals even when they are going out for a lunch/dinner. The app tracker records the carb count on per-day or per-meal basis. And then later calculates the entire week’s progress. You can reduce the serving size of your favorite food in order to cut the carb consumption. A highly useful carb tracker app that controls fat.

Price: INR 185.00

Availability: Android l iOS

Lose weight without dieting:

One of the review of the app says that “it is the Best weight loss app ever.” The app possess all the features required for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The app does not promote crash diets or consuming weight loss pills, as these shortcuts are harmful for human body. The app focuses on cutting out high carb food items like burgers, pizzas and sweets and keeping count on calorie intake. Adopting these two policies would help you change your lifestyle into a healthy one.

This calorie counter app suggests best exercises for you depending on your calorie intake. Along with recommended exercises you also need to follow a desired balanced diet chart regularly for achieving visible results. Progress map is created on the basis of bust, waist and hips measurements. So users can measure the inch loss directly through the progress map. The app even has a water tracking feature, as desired amount of water intake is also important for having a healthy life. A must have app for all health conscious people.

Price: Free

Availability: Android

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss:

My Diet Coach – Weight Loss app is amongst the top-most rated health and nutrition app. The main purpose of the app is motivate users to adopt healthy eating habits and follow regular exercise practice. The app enables users to set health goals and then formulate daily challenges for them. These daily challenges will include green diet plan, lots of water intake, weight loss exercises and even share some tips regarding food cravings, exercise laziness, family meals etc. for quick results. The app has various inspirational quotes and motivational photos which inspires the app users to keep working hard.

Visual weight tracker feature measures the progress on various health parameters. Burning extra calories by following the daily challenge set by the app will help you get in shape. The BMI calculator helps in knowing the right weight as per the user’s age and height. You can even set exercise and meal reminders through the app so that nothing is skipped any day. This app acts as a diet coach and keeps a track of every health aspect for the app user.

Price: Free

Availability: Android l iOS


Be it for the purpose losing weight, gaining weight or even leading a healthy life, these apps will lead to all such aims. I hope these apps prove fruitful for you and helps you in achieving a flaunting body soon. So folks, don’t wait. Download and get access to these diet coaches handy.