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Best Launchers for Android

The main reason why many people love the Android operating system is due to the level of customizations that the platform offer. One of the main customization features of Android is the ability to use custom launchers.

If you are not impressed by the current launcher on your Android device or if you want to give a fresh look to your device, today we bring you a list of the best app launchers for Android.

Nova Launcher

nova-launcher-android-app-launcherThe Nova Launcher has been around for more than 6 years now. Even today the Nova Launcher is considered the best app launcher for Android. The Nova Launcher looks almost identical to the stock Android launcher but the level of customizations offered by this launcher is what makes it different and unique in comparison to the stock Android launcher. If you love the stock Android experience but want more customization features to play with, the Nova Launcher is what you need.

Microsoft Launcher

Yes, the Microsoft Launcher is an Android app launcher developed by Microsoft. But if you thought that the Microsoft Launcher would make your device look like some Windows Phone device, then you couldn’t be more wrong. The Microsoft Launcher comes with a fresh new look and kind of resembles the stock Android launcher. The launcher is well-optimized for speed and also is a great launcher to constantly stay in touch with all the Microsoft services that you use.

Action Launcher

ACTION-launcher-android-app-launcherAnother really popular app launcher for Android is Action Launcher. The key feature of this application is the ability to make use of gesture controls in order to launch applications quickly. The gestures, as well as the application that they trigger, can be customized by the user. The Action Launcher is best for people who have lots of applications installed on their Android device and want to easily launch the commonly used applications.

Evie Launcher

evie-launcher-android-app-launcherThe Evie Launcher is designed with performance and speed in mind. Despite its lightweight design, the Evie Launcher does offer a very intuitive look and also offers quite a lot of customization options as well. If you are in search of a launcher that looks clean and simple with super-fast response time along with some useful customizations, look no further than the Evie Launcher for Android.

Smart Launcher 5

smart-launcher-5-android-app-launcherSmart Launcher is another really popular app launcher for Android. The Smart Launcher 5 is the latest edition of the launcher. The theme in this launcher changes the color depending on your device’s wallpaper. The icon pack used in this launcher is based on Android 8.0 Oreo. Applications are sorted into categories automatically. There is also a “Smart Search” feature which allows users to quickly search and find apps, contacts, and also to perform certain actions in the device.

Final Words

We hope you found the above list of the best app launcher for Android helpful. If you are using some other app launcher for Android, then do mention the app launcher name and your views about the launcher as comments below.

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