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Best Laptops currently available in 2018

With tablets like the iPad Pro and Surface Pro creeping into the market, the need for a laptop is slowly shrinking. iPads and Surfaces are now able to do many of the things that a laptop might have once done, like check emails or even write word documents. This means that there is a distinct lack of innovation in the laptop market today, and updates are slowing down as manufacturers shift to focusing on larger, more powerful tablets instead of laptops. Still, many prefer to use the tried and true laptop as their main computing device. Today we’ll be exploring the best laptops currently available today in 2018.

MacBook Pro 13”

The MacBook line has always excelled with quality and ease of use, and the new MacBook Pro line is no exception. The 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros are some of the best built in the market, with exceptional build quality and great performance. While they are more expensive than their Windows counterparts, the MacBook Pro lineup rewards you with better build quality and ease of use, as well as a fresh operating system – Mac OSX instead of Windows 10.

One of the latest additions to the MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. While it isn’t exactly groundbreaking, it’s a great use of space that was once taken up by the function keys, and the Touch ID is immensely useful for logging in and giving administrator access. The MacBook Pro is available in a multitude of different configuration options, where you can choose between an i5 and an i7, 8 and 16GB of RAM, and 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB of built in PCIe SSD storage. Thanks to Mac OSX, unless you’re a heavy user, the base model should be more than enough for your needs. Best Buy currently has a sale on, where almost all MacBooks are $200 off, making it a great deal.

Surface Laptop 13”

The Surface Laptop is Microsoft’s answer to the new MacBook Pro lineup. Also made primarily from metal, it’s an extremely attractive device, with an Alcantara covering for the palm rest. It also has one of the thinnest touchscreens of any laptop today, and one of the best looking. While not quite as powerful as the MacBook Pro lineup, thanks to lower power CPU’s, the Surface Laptop is still a solid performer for everyday use. If you’re a fan of the surface lineup, you’ll be pleased to know the Surface Laptop supports the Surface Pen, but it may be a bit difficult to use, since the hinge is restricted, and doesn’t allow the Surface Laptop to lie flat.

The Surface Laptop is also available in a plethora of different configuration options, but it also includes a 4GB/128GB configuration, which other than for the most basic of users should be skipped for the 8GB/256GB option. This is because Windows is considerably more resource hungry than Mac OSX, and 4GB of RAM is simply not enough.

Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15”

Also belonging to the category of MacBook “Killers”, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro is best looking of the three devices. It’s made almost entirely out of aluminum and doesn’t have any branding on it, save for the bottom and just below the screen. This means that sitting on the table, all you see is its smooth exterior, with no branding to taint it. Aside from looks, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro also excels. With a dedicated MX150 GPU, the Xiaomi Notebook Pro blows away the competition for gaming, and even the maxed out i7/16GB/256GB version costs less than the base MacBook Pro.

Based on these specifications alone, it seems easy to recommend the Xiaomi NoteBook Pro 15” over the other devices. However, it’s also much bigger than the other devices, and runs a Chinese version of Windows. This means you may have to buy Windows again to flash an English version onto it. In addition, you can’t buy the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15” in store, so you’ll need to order it online from a reseller, which may or may not include a warranty.


That wraps it up for the best laptops in 2018. While the Xiaomi Notebook Pro 15” seems like a winner, it’s important to remember that you might not get a warranty, and you’ll need to jump through a few hoops to get it working properly. For that reason, the MacBook Pro 13” is our pick for the best laptop in 2018, thanks to its refined design, and great performance, as well as its innovative Touch Bar. Although it’s quite a lot more expensive than its competition, it’s still a great device if you can afford to spend extra. Available at just $1,149 at best buy today, the 13” non Touch Bar version of the MacBook Pro is a great laptop at a relatively affordable price.

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