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Best Internet Service Providers in 2020


Not all of us are fully content with our internet services and what we are paying against those services. In this article, we are going to compile a list of the best internet service providers in 2020. The selection of the ISPs totally depends on the parameters such as parameters for selecting these ISP would be their prices, speed, and the data allowance they provide – and of course, how responsive their customer support service is.

Also, the options that appear in results once you search for “Internet Provider near me” entirely depend on your location. You can visit localcabledeals and run your zip code to determine which available ISP you want to sign up for, considering the monthly budget, the number of devices, the amount of data, download and upload speeds, and various other factors including the effectiveness of customer care. You ought to check out spectrum internet customer service if you’re really looking for an ISP with the best customer support.

Xfinity: Top Cable Internet 


Xfinity tops our list for several great reasons. Top provider for more than one reason, It is offering its cable and internet services in more than 41 states which makes it the largest ISP in the USA. Xfinity is capable of delivering a lightning-fast speed of up to 2 Gbps- sufficient enough to cater to a household with multiple residential members. Also, Xfinity believes in providing quality service along with the layers of options that it comes with. From basic plans that cover fundamental necessities of any household to the option of customized bundling up where you can combine your services with TV, landline, broadband internet, and home security altogether, or bundle up any particular service with the home phone on discounted prices.

Highlights of Xfinity:

  • Download speed between 15 Mbps to 2000 Mbps
  • Monthly charges between: $29.99 – $299.95
  • Digital TV & Voice, Home Security, HD video streaming, and Stream TV App.
  • Norton Security, & Mobile service bundling option.
  • The first choice of gamers and big households.
  • Wi-Fi on the go – millions of hotspots across the country.

AT&T: Amazing Bundle Deals

Avail all your required services on the bill which includes TV, wireless internet,  TV, and home phones. Since Direct TV is owned by AT&T, it assures the availability of all the popular and most favorite channels along with great broadband speeds up to a gigabit. When it comes to data, exceeding the limits is not an issue, as you get either 1TB which is sufficient for the majority of us – or simply uncapped data, depending upon the plan.

Much like Xfinity, AT&T also offers Wi-Fi hotspots all over the country to its customers. In case, you do not find the password to your Wi-Fi at the coffee shop, you could simply connect with an AT&T hotspot to check your Instagram on the go.

Why AT&T is one of the best ISP options: 

  • One can get multiple telecom services including internet, TV, wireless, and landline against one bill – reducing the hassle immensely.
  • NFL SUNDAY TICKET for all the football fans out there.
  • Fast internet connectivity speed along with high data caps.
  • Even when AT&T is not very economical, it is a great option endorsed by many.

Viasat: Satellite internet 

One of the best satellite internet service providers with better price and speed. Localities like rural areas or anywhere else where fiber, DSL internet, or cable are not available- and satellite internet is their only option. Even though it does not have the best of the speeds, latency, satellite internet still has somehow managed to grow from download speed up to 10 Mbps to now somewhere around 100 Mbps, competing the market leaders i.e. cable speeds. Paying $5 a month extra can get you the Viasat Wi-Fi modem. The prices may rise once they cross the three months. You may also have to sign up for a 24 months long contract with Viasat. The competitors including HughesNet also restrict its users with a contract and may be economical as compared to Viasat, but the coverage may not be satisfactory for most of the users as the maximum limit is up to 50 GB while Viasat goes up to 150 GB.

Who should go for Viasat’s satellite internet? 

Of course, this connection is for rural residents, but this is best for a household with up to three users: for three kinds of internet users:

  • Residents who cannot access any faster cable internet connection with better speed.
  • Casual users not for professional or business usage.
  • Partial or narrow video streaming.

Verizon: Fiber Internet 

Steady and fast upload and download speeds that cover everyone’s requirements, however, Verizon Fios may not be available to everyone looking for it based on your location. Being one of the top cable internet connections on the market, and not being available to all, still manages to compete against the top-notch on the list. If someone is looking for a lightning speed and consumes the internet for more than just an email and casual surfing on their devices – this is something they should get.

What kind of users is going to adore this ISP the most? 

  • Gamers who spend most of their time online.
  • Live TV streaming.
  • Media personnel.
  • Big households.