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Best insurance plans for iPhone


The Apple iPhone is well-known for their exceptional built quality along with their hardware and software standards which make them perform without any hiccups for many years after being launched and also support the latest software versions of iOS whenever released.

Another thing the Apple iPhone is well-known for is their high price tags which are usually higher than other competing Smartphones from other brands. However, people are still ready to pay the higher price tag in order to experience the best Smartphone experience offered by the iPhone.

Despite its industrial design and built quality, being a Smartphone the Apple iPhone is also susceptible to all the issues that can damage a Smartphone. In case an Apple iPhone gets damaged, the cost of repairing or replacing the iPhone can at times be as costly as a brand new iPhone.


Therefore the best way to protect your Apple iPhone in case of any damages is by purchasing insurance protection or try your luck with free bets UK to make win some extra cash. There are many benefits of having insurance protection for your iPhone and below are some of the best ones:

  • First of all, an Apple iPhone insurance will cover the expense of repairing or even replacing your iPhone in case of damage.
  • In case your iPhone gets lost or stolen, then having an iPhone insurance will help you in getting a new iPhone easily and for free.
  • If your iPhone gets damaged due to some natural causes like fire, flood, etc., then you can again replace or repair your iPhone for free.

Best insurance plans for iPhone

Now that you know the benefits of having insurance for iPhone, below we have listed some of the best insurance plans for Apple iPhone.

  1. AT&T/Verizon/Sprint:

AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are three of the popular wireless carriers in the United States and they offer iPhone insurance for iPhone devices that are registered within the carrier.

The benefit of using the carrier insurance is that they are among the very few insurance companies for iPhone that provide lost/theft coverage in their insurance plan. This is because in case a device gets stolen or lost, they can blacklist the devices.

2. AppleCare+:

AppleCare+ is the official insurance protection for iPhones. One thing to note is that AppleCare+ needs to be bought separately when you buy a new iPhone and is not included in the standard manufacturer warranty of your iPhone.

AppleCare+ offers protection against accidental damage and also offers an extension for the manufacturer warranty of your iPhone as well.

3. SquareTrade:

SquareTrade is another best insurance plan for the iPhone. The best benefit of the SquareTrade insurance for Apple iPhone is that you can claim insurance up to 4 times a year.

SquareTrade does not cover theft/loss but does cover accidental damage caused on your iPhone

Final Words

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