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Best Gaming Laptop On A Budget – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

Not Everybody Has Discretionary Funding For Games.  Good gaming can be pricey or next-to-free if you know what you’re about. The best place to save money is in the hardware you use to game, and to that end, this writing will provide a brief buyer’s guide on gaming laptops to help you make the best possible choice despite a slim budget.

We’ll cover strategies rather than specific devices. For devices, there are thresholds of technical capability to consider. Define the checkbox you intend to use and fill each category. So many different brands that offer essentially the same product exist today, this is a more useful way to guide your purchasing.

Technical Thresholds

As a manual transmission gives the driver better control over mileage, so gamers who understand how to run their own OS software have more control over costs—you can build a gaming computer from the ground up, if you’re interested in desktop options.

Laptops are more mobile, though; and often more affordable as well. So beyond specs, budget, how informed you are, purchase options, and refurbished considerations will be taken into account. Multiple devices exist that can provide all these features for under $800.

The basic tech specs you want to look for in a 2021 gaming laptop include an Intel Core i5-8250U processor operating at up to 3.9 GHz, depending on the device, 8GB DDR4 RAM, a Solid State Drive (SSD) around 256GB at minimum, screen resolution that functions at 1920 x 1080, Windows 10, and a modern Intel HD, AMD, or NVIDIA Graphics card.

Consultation Through Information Online

Finding advice on buying devices is hard because people who have enough information to give you a solid answer tend to have an opinion. Those with resources and aesthetic concerns lean on Apple devices, even though those generally aren’t good for gaming. Those who like to build their own devices lean on Linux OS and intense customization.

Thankfully, there are a few avenues you can explore which simply provide the information and let you interpret it as you will. For information like that, check out this guide for finding the best gaming laptop. All options they highlight are available under $800, which is pretty reasonable, all things considered.

Purchase Options And Budget

Not everyone can buy from the internet, though. Most people can, most people will. Some people travel and don’t prefer financial details to be available anywhere online. For them, going to geographically local stores and shopping deals available through private sellers is a strategy. You can get a $2k computer on a $500 budget if you buy refurbished.

Refurbishment Considerations

The keyword in buying refurbished involves actual refurbishment. Buy from a private seller who rebooted the device, and there could be some hidden mechanical issue or software problem from earlier misuse. Certification is key. If you’re going with a used device, certified refurbishment can get you yesteryear’s next-gen device for a fraction of its cost when new.

So if you were able to secure a 2018 next-gen laptop for $500, you may well find that it works more efficiently than some new option that would cost you $800, or even $1,000. The key to finding such deals is shopping around and exploring multiple options. When you know your minimum hardware thresholds, as outlined above, you’ll be able to make a better buy.

Finding Your Best Gaming Device Under $800

Believe it or not, for only a few hundred dollars you can secure a laptop for gaming that runs better than the latest devices out there—that’s going to require that you do a little research, though. Rely on consultation available through online research, consider refurbished options, and know minimum hardware thresholds for modern gaming.

New technology iterations become available almost continuously in the modern world; but that doesn’t mean if you’re not on the bleeding edge of gaming tech, you can’t play the latest releases. Most big-ticket changes take a few years to trickle down in terms of overall profitability.

For gamers on a budget, this means that in the $800 price bracket, you should be able to play with the best—you’ve just got to do your research to find options fitting the games you love.

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