Best gaming headphones to buy in 2017 for under $200

Without a good set of gaming headphones, our overall gaming experience feels rather mediocre. Just like coke tastes better with pizzas, you get a much enhanced gaming experience if you’ve got a good set of headphones. Thus, we’ve listed some of the best gaming headphones you can find right now. You can pick one up depending what suits you.

Steelseries Siberia V2

If you’re into gaming, then these are probably the best you can find in terms of build quality and sound. Not to forget, there are some attractive deals on these to allow you make them yours for a steal!.

best gaming headphones


Currently, the Steelseries Siberia V2 is available on Amazon at $127.28.

Creative Sound Blaster Tactic 3D Sigma

This is a tailor-made gaming headset also capable of churning out some pounding bass. It sits right in the middle of Creative’s Tactic range of headphones, and totally justifies the price tag with its sheer performance. Besides, it doesn’t burn an asteroid sized hole in your bank balance.

best gaming headphones

You can grab it on Amazon at just above $200.


For some looking deep, atmospheric sounds, these set of cans are truly capable of offering one of the best surround-sound gaming experience.

best gaming headphones

Moreover, they sit comfortably on the head, the mic works well, and you basically hear everything which comes real handy during multiplayer gaming. You can buy these on Amazon for $148.60.

Logitech G230

If you’re on a budget and looking for a comfortable set of cans to get through those strenous 8-hour sessions- the Logitech G230 could be your go to headset. It rocks a top-notch build quality, and the kind of comfort level you get with these is just another level.

best gaming headphones

Put simply; they offer a superior degree of comfort, something that even other pricey headsets cannot match. Grab these on Amazon at just $37.77.

Razer Kraken USB

As the name suggests, it’s a USB-based headphone which means you may have to make a few compromises. But the overall sound quality it offers is pretty impressive, with a deep thumping bass.

best gaming headphones

Besides, its software works better than other similarly priced headsets. Its also straightforward and easy to use with a plethora of customization options. Currently, they’re available on Amazon at $46.99.

Asus Strix 7.1

Juts like the good old Razer Tiamat, even this encapsulates what you’d call a real surround sound experience. The company says its able to so using a lot of discrete drivers and 110 neodymium magnets. Not to forget, it looks rather cool with its owl-like eyes.

best gaming headphones

They are currently available on Amazon at $189.97.

Asus Rog Vulcan Pro

Hands down, the Vulcan Pro is best gaming headphone if you’re looking for great sound and microphone clarity. Besides, its packs a plethora of features which is rather hard to find in this price range, making it a good value for your money proposition. They are currently available on Amazon $162.39.


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