Best Gamepads for Android, Windows, and iOS smartphones to turn it into gaming console

Handheld gaming is still in trend, just the device is replaced by our smartphones. Android and iOS developers are making games with best graphics but playing them with touch controls is just too mainstream. Now we have lots of gaming controllers which are wireless and compatible with your smartphones. There are lots of wireless gamepads online but we listed the best one out there with the best build and features.

5Mad Catz CTRLR

Mad Catz is a leading gaming accessories maker in the world. It makes accessories for PC gaming and handheld gaming. CTRLR from Mad Catz is a wireless Bluetooth gamepad controller for smartphones and tablets. The CTRLR comes in three colors black, red and white. This controller is compatible with all Android smartphones and tablets.

Mad Catz CTRLR comes with all the traditional controls; two analog sticks, one d-pad, four combat buttons and start/select button. Mad Catz also added media and volume control buttons to control music while playing. You can add or remove the smartphone holder or play on bigger screens without the holder.


  • Dimensions: 17.8 x 19 x 7.6 cm
  • 75 Grams
  • 2 AAA batteries required
  • 500 Watt Hours


  • Works with Android, Mac, and Windows.
  • No latency
  • The buttons are good and responsive
  • Good battery life


  • Weird position of mini USB port
  • Holder is too tight

4SteelSeries Stratus XL

Steel Series Stratus XL is a Bluetooth gamepad for Windows and Android. Stratus XL is Stream compatible, so you don’t need to buy separate controllers for your PC and smartphone. This controller comes with all the basic buttons and switches which you can expect from a wireless gamepad controller.

The controller is all black in color with a matte finish all over. The 4 LED indicators tell you all about the connectivity and power left in batteries, and Stratus XL can give you 40 hours of gaming. The shoulder trigger buttons are customizable; you can select the sensitivity of those buttons from the desktop application.


  • 2 AA batteries included
  • 6 x 15 x 11.5 cm
  • Bluetooth
  • 4 LED Display Indicators


  • Compatible with Windows OS
  • Best battery backup


  • No smartphone holder

3Zebronics Bluetooth Telescopic Controller ZEB-350WG

Zebronics Bluetooth Telescopic Controller is a Bluetooth controller for Android smartphones but with a twist. Zebronics removed the phone holder and made the whole controller telescopic so you can hold your phone or tablet right between the controller. The best feature is that you can play offline multiplayer by connecting two controllers with one device.

The telescopic device holder can hold devices with display size from 5 to 11 inches. The handles are rubber so it won’t slip off your hands even if you insert a big device like a 10 inches tablet. The telescope has built in stainless steel spring so it won’t get loose even if you use it for long. ZEB-350WG comes with shifting modes, so you don’t need to disconnect it from one device to connect the second device.


  • Bluetooth 3.0 and higher
  • Compatible with Android 3.2 and higher
  • 350 mAh Li-Polymer battery
  • 400 grams


  • Connect two controllers with the same device


  • Battery backup is bad

2MOGA Ace Power

Moga Ace Power is the only gamepad controller for iPhones and iPod touch. Moga Ace power comes with an 1800 mAh battery which also charges your phone while gaming so you phone battery stays charged even after long time gaming.

To give you a superior game control, Moga Ace power provides the most advanced set of console quality controls. You will get dual analog sticks, shoulder keys, trigger keys, one D-pad and four action buttons. You need to squeeze your iPhone in the controller, and the controller gets connected via lightening port.


  • Compatible with iOS 7 and later
  • Three-year warranty
  • 1800 mAh battery


  • Smart lock
  • Bigger battery


  • Only compatible with iPhonbes
  • Not Wireless

1Steam Controller

Everything which is related with Steam is always premium and if you are a premium Steam gamer then you should use the right gear to boost your gaming on Steam. The Steam Controller comes with dual trackpads which enable the high-fidelity input required for precise PC gaming.

If you know Steam better your own house map then Steam controller lets you control each and every part of it without any other hardware. The design of the controller makes it comfortable to game for hours and so the battery.


  • Dual trackpads
  • Analog stick
  • Dual-stage triggers
  • Configurable controls
  • Local multiplayer capability, as supported by games
  • Wired or wireless (dual mode)
  • USB 2.0 via Micro USB port (cable included)


  • Trackpads and Gyro controls
  • Dual stage triggers


  • None


These were the best wireless controllers, except the Moga Ace power. We included the Mogo Ace power on this list because this is the only controller available for iPhones and its cheap too. If you are a lite gamer then Zebronics controllers are best for you but for hardcore gaming, you need the best hardware like the steel series Stratus XL.

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