Apple is finally making its boring and lifeless iMessage app more exciting than every other messaging apps available online. Apple released the development kit for developers to create and integrate their app with the iMessage app. Here are some best, free iMessage apps to download and install on your iPhone and have some fun with your friends.

5GIF Keyboard

Make your iMessage chat more exciting by sending some reaction GIFs to your friends. With Tenor’s GIF Keyboard app, you can react to your friends chat with GIF or these can be a conversation starter. Users are finding this app the most amazing for iMessage for reaction GIFs.

Create your own GIF using your iPhone’s front or back camera. Tap and hold on any GIF and drag it to the text field to send it as a sticker. Create a pack of GIFs you like or created and share them with your friends or family.


4Words with Friends

3Circle Pay


OpenTable is the most popular app to discover, reserve and manages restaurant reservations free and instantly, do it anytime and anywhere. Plus there are lots of points and rewards to earn and redeem them next time.

With iOS 10 and Opentable, you can connect with restaurants, friends and family around a great meal. You can have fun asking your friends “Where should we eat?” or suggest a restaurant with friends.


1Truth Truth Lie