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Best free Android apps Indians should know for every day invited adventures

In India, we might not require a license to drive, but a good map always comes handy. So, today we planned to suggest you a bunch of Mobile Applications which you can use as your survival kit for every day invited adventures in India.


It is safe to announce Haptik as the most recommended application of this article. Haptik is a personal shopping assistant. This app finds anything you need. I suggest them to rename their brand as unlimitedAladinn.

It is not a robot based assistance they are human with whom you can interact according to your needs. It is has a simple interactive interface. They also offer you scheme or deals going around you.


The name is a summary of this fantastic application. This app contains Ebooks and Audio/Video tutorial courses. All the classes are free for School students (Primary to Senior Secondary) currently they are offering for three mediums: Hindi, English, and Urdu. No, sign up or credit cards required. It is worth trying. The lectures are articulated in a simple language. It can be an online classroom for your child.

Employment News In India

We cannot overlook the falling Employment rates in India. Knowing about the appropriate vacancies according to your resume as soon as they open will provide you an edge over the other applicants. There are the options of modern apps, Naukri, Indeed and certain others. But if you are searching for Governmental App, Employment News in India is the best choice. It is easy to use and does its job.

Indian Rail Train Info

Get ready for the biggest revelation of the day; m-Indicator is not the only application for railway schedules, and updates (It can be understood only by a Mumbaikar) Indian Rail Train Info is a compact platform for all your needs including PNR status and tracker, seat availability and booking along with schedules. It also offers unique features like offline information and being able to save and share the needed information.

HERE Maps – Offline Navigation

Using Google Maps can be compared to gambling if we are lucky enough we would reach the correct location at a time. We have a better alternative, HERE Maps. They are offline maps which can be downloaded. They also offer 3D indoor structure maps also it claims to provide the accurate real-time traffic. Also, they show you nearby interesting places which you might like; you can choose the category of this suggestion.

Home Remedies

Home Remedies provides kitchen therapy to many diseases and problems. They define the reasons and solutions of your problems briefly. We recommend this particular app because it concentrates on Indian conditions and the treatments using the material readily available to us.

Money View

We know how boring can keeping records of your transactions be. But Money View is hope is this category. You simply have to install the app and fill in the details of your bank account. After verifying the account, you can relax. It will auto detect messages and update your balance. You can also keep a manual record. It also offers smart financial planning, shared expenses(with any number of people). There is no security issue since it does not ask for your personal bank login details.


It is a safer option for your online payments and bookings. You can recharge all the leading mobile service providers, DTH, Data card, book flight, rail, bus, travels and movie tickets also you can shop for limited brands.


This app is for all the misers and shopaholic. They offer you great deals around the internet. This app works in the background too it will offer you the best prices for any product you choose on any site or app on your mobile phone.


This one is an interesting one. They contain various suggestion in the categories: Dining, Nightlife, Places to go, Shop, rejuvenate, travel and few others depending on your location. The have some options to choose from. It can be used if you are visiting a new city or even for your local city to stay updated about the events happening in your vicinity.

Indian Code Finder

It is not regularly needed but is a useful one. They let you access Pin Code, STD, IFSC, Vehicle codes depending on your requirement.

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