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Best electronic cigarette oil flavors to try

E-cigarette oils are available in hundreds of flavors. You can search online or go to a vape shop to collect one. But, too many options will make trouble to pick the perfect one for you, especially if you are a beginner. We even don’t have a straight answer. But, after hours of analyzing vapers’ review, we have listed some flavors that might go with you. Most of them are fruit and milk flavor though. Let’s dig them out.

Hawaiian Pog

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100 is a superb blend of orange, pineapple, and guava. A vaper who is fond of fruit flavor must be amazed by this tricky and balanced combination. The e-juice is 70% vegetable glycerin which will provide thickness and excellent vaping density.


Strawberry is perhaps the most indulged flavor in the world. It is a classic flavor, but Jam Monster has brought it in a new form. Strawberry feels not much strength in the throat, but it is still decent in flavor while inhaling. If you are traditional nuts, take it right away.

Mother’s milk

It sounds strange, even the name seems weird. But, Mother’s milk is a legendary e-juice in the vaping world by Suicide Bunny. You should realize how the flavor would taste. If you are fond of the creamy and custard flavor, Mother’s milk won’t disappoint you. Besides, keep in mind that Suicide Bunny never compromise the quality.


The Shrub is one of the preferred flavors of vape due to its extreme combination. The manufacturer, Jimmy the Juice Man, produces it by combining different blends of orange, lime, and raspberry. It’s not finished yet. Vapers who like the perfect combination of PG and VG pick it at the first glance. It comes with a 40:60 PG/VG ratio. It’s smooth and can be taken for day long vape.

No. 32

Guess the brand name which provides such unique identification of its e-juice. Beard Vape is well-known for naming their e-liquid by digits. No. 32 is one of them with cinnamon flavor which is a quite unique flavor. This type of flavor is not eligible for everyone. But, the sugary tasted cinnamon flavor is manufactured under a tight standard. It allows producing massive vapor and a high level of velocity since it comes with a 30:70 PG/VG ratio.

Cavendish blend

Pipe smokers catch the name at a first glance because the brand is well-established in the tobacco industry. Cavendish is brought by Black Note, the company that uses naturally extracted tobacco in e-liquid. This is pretty unique because most brands offer artificial base liquid. Unfortunately, Cavendish is not recommended for those who want to avoid nicotine. However, the e-juice is well balanced with a 50:50 PG/VG ratio.


H-tears is an outstanding combination of fruit and candy lovers equally. The e-juice by Mighty Vapors comes with the perfect blend of watermelon, apple, and candy. It is smooth, provides less throat hit, and allows massive vapor production simultaneously. H-tears are great for VG lovers because it offers the combination of 70% VG and 30% PG as the base liquid.


Are you a custard maniac? We have got something for you. Banana by Gorilla Custard is a mouth-watering combination of sweet banana and custard. Though it is a classic combo, the taste is evergreen and the massive vapor still seems royal. Banana is smooth with less throat hit and the ratio of VG/PG is 70:30.

So, we already talk about different oil flavors. We hope you really enjoy them when you use them properly. You can visit the link for more e-cigarette oil flavors – https://www.vaporsolo.com/e-liquids/

The oil flavor of e-cigarette has numerous variations and quality. The preference depends on personal taste. What is your most favorite one? Share with us.

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