Keepvid is the only online video downloading service which lets you download any YouTube video with no questions asked. It won’t force you to download any kind of malware on your PC to download the video you want. There are only three steps to download videos via Keepvid online; copy the video URL, paste it into the link field and click Download.

It is an entirely free video downloading service which costs nothing to download any video from YouTube. Not only from YouTube, but it also supports more than 20 websites to download videos from. The list includes some of the top sites like Dailymotion, Vevo, Discovery, Funnyside, Also, includes social networking websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Vine.

You can download from 240p quality to all the way up to 4K resolution; only you have to buy and install the Keepvid Pro desktop version on your PC for downloading the Full HD or 4K videos. You can rip off the audio from the video and download only the audio without installing any converter tool on your PC.

Although downloading the videos using this site is easy but to make it easier, Keepvid released a Keepvid extension for all the modern browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and more. You can now not don’t have to leave the website downloading the backup. Let’s know more about it.

With the KeepVid extension, you can actually skip some step of downloading videos on your PC. Keepvid extension is available for most of the modern web browser; Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Yandex and Opera. You have to follow some needed steps to install the Keepvid extension to your browser successfully.

  • First, you have to download and install the TamperMonkey on your browser from here (Chrome).
  • Now you can install the KeepVid helper script on the TemperMonkey, click here (all browser).
  • It’s all done.

Now, whenever you feel like to download a video from YouTube, all you have to do is click the KV|Download button below the video and it will take you to the download page. This download button won’t show up only on the YouTube videos, but also on all other websites that Keepvid supports.

The Keepvid download button will appear everywhere on any video on any website to make it easy to download videos. There is also a Keepvid downloader tool which you can download and install on your PC to download videos, but the easiest way is the extension one which I like the most.

Keepvid made the video downloading experience very easy and helpful. KeepVid also offers some of the best features which you can think of and not only for the computer but also for Android smartphones. And the amount of all the “Pro” features is very less, even in online and on the downloadable tool as well. Do try this downloader if you want right now for downloading videos, it will sure help you a lot.