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Bygone are the days when people used to buy expensive dedicated document scanners. In contemporary time, our highly empowered smartphones are capable enough of scanning documents as quick as a dedicated scanner. Today’s smartphones are equipped with high-quality camera’s which has made document or photo scanning a very simple task. The best document scanning apps not only takes a snapshot of the document but also performs text recognition and stores the scanned document to the cloud. Now forget about the risk of losing some important document because now there are some amazing scanning apps available that will surely keep your important documents safely. Let us have an in-depth understanding of some superb scanning apps.

5Google Drive:

Google Drive allows you to scan important documents, but the app is even capable of conducting OCR (optical character recognition) on the text of the scanned documents. Google Drive offers free online storage of up to 15 GB. So now you can easily keep a record of your vital documents, photos, videos, stories and some recordings. Google Drive allows users to view their scanned files anywhere and anytime through their smartphones, tablet or desktop.

The app even allows you to share saved files and folders with friends directly by inviting them. After downloading the app, the users just need to open the app and select ‘Add new’ option. After that, select the ‘scan’ option to record a new file. The app builds a neat and safe record of vital folders in your smartphone as well as Google Drive account for future use. The back-up of the files are maintained in your account and can be retrieved instantly from a tablet, smartphone and desktop.

Price: FreE
Availability: iOS l Android


CamScanner is a very user-friendly app that scans the files directly into PDF format. The app even performs OCR (optical character recognition) on the text of the scanned documents to highlight vital pieces of information like titles, prices, weight, etc. All the saved data are synchronized and organized in proper sequence for future retrieval. CamScanner has a special auto-crop and image enhance feature, especially for images and portraits. The scanned files can be saved to cloud for easy access from other devices too. The saved folders can be easily retrieved and edited instantly.

On subscribing to Premium CamScanner account, the app offers access to some additional features like password protected files, OCR edit option, auto-syncing and extra storage space. CamScanner app works flawlessly on all the platforms. The advance scanning option enables users to scan documents in color, gray scale, or black and white modes as well scans different sized documents too with ease. Different varieties of documents holding graphs, equations, maps, notes, legal documents, etc. can be instantly reviewed and important points can also be highlighted.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS l Android

3Genius Scan:

Genius Scan is a very easy to use document scanner app developed by Grizzly Labs. The app is capable of converting receipts, images, portraits, notes and files in PDF format in just one click. All the scans are automatically lined up in a sequential format and improve the image quality by enhancing the vital elements. Finally, the improved files are saved in PDF format in your selected library. The saved folders can then easily be shared via mail whenever required.

There are various editing tools which you can use to enhance the scan quality like archiving, auto-cropping, etc. Approximately more than 20 million people have used Genius scanner app to scan around a billion documents so far. In addition to these basic features, the premium version of the app offers some additional features like uploads scan document automatically, removal of ads, restoring the scanned document on cloud like Evernote, Dropbox, etc. This app is mostly used by professionals to take up important notes after a meeting.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS l Android

2Scannable by Evernote:

Well if you are already an Evernote user, you would love using this app by Evernote. The scannable app enables users to scan important business cards, note, files, documents and images in a single click from their iPhone or iPad. You would even be able to scan documents carrying multi-pages at ease which can later be restored to your Evernote account. Once the scan is completed, the app automatically crops the file and enhances the text of the scanned document, thereby improving the readability of the document.

Another special feature of the app enables users to add a contact automatically to the contact list once a business card is scanned via the app. Not only the contact number but the e-mail id, fax. No and other details mentioned on the business card is also restored. The app enables users to access saved scans across different iOS devices.

Users can share or e-mail the scans whenever required as the documents get saved to the cloud like Dropbox, Evernote. There are no premium versions of the app available and the app work best in collaboration with Evernote. The app is mostly used in case of saving contact information through business cards instantly without performing the task manually.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS


FineScanner is an iOS app that is capable of translating your iPhone and iPad into a rich document scanning device. Similar to many other apps, FineScanner too scans multi-pages documents without any trouble. The premium version of the app even performs OCR (optical character recognition) on the scanned file.

Unlike other apps, this app is equipped with supporting 193 different languages but doesn’t possess a feature of translating the files into other languages. Through FineScanner users can easily export saved folders in various formats like PDF, Word document, text files, jpeg or any other format. The app has all the basic features of removal of background from a scanned file, highlighting the text of the scan and enhancing the quality of the image.

The scans can simply be saved to the cloud storage like Dropbox, Google drive for later retrieval. The app has in-app purchases, subscribing to which the app becomes ads-free. There is a premium version too available which entitles users to some additional features like the formatting of documents, adding tables/graphs and styling the document. At last, we have a pro/premium version that provides advanced editing tools, password protected files, etc. FineScanner app works on a really strong interface making it a user-friendly app.

Price: Free
Availability: iOS l Android


All of the above-mentioned Scanning apps are best in some or the other way. These apps have received strong positive recommendations from users. In this tech, savvy environment business professionals need to be highly competitive in order to survive the competition. These apps will not only save time but also manage important files and folders systematically. Now you don’t have to look for your documents in your cupboard as you have them stored in the cloud storage. Just access your account and retrieve the file with a single click. Be it a business meeting notes/presentations or be it managing bills everything is convenient through these apps.

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