Best technology to enjoy football season Euro Cup and Copa America 2016

The football season continues and the urge among fans to enjoy it to the fullest continues to grow with it. Not all of us have the luxury of sitting in the stands and enjoy watching our favorite team rip the opposition apart, but isn’t that’s why we have technology. The Euro Cup and Copa America have already kicked off, and we bring to you just the technology that will get the blood pumping and heads rolling.

Here are the devices that will help you enjoy the football season to the fullest:

Sennheiser RS series headphones

Imagine listening to Alan Smith describing Bale’s scrumptious free-kick as the Welsh crowd in red and green goes wild with their roars, in one of Sennheiser’s no disturbance wireless Bluetooth headphones. The RS series is designed to create a hassle-free TV watching experience.

Watching the matches late night can be a tricky matter, with requirements of compromises in the audio volume and the brightness. Well, one problem at a time! You can be all comfortable lying on your couch watching El Nino making a scintillating international comeback or Zlatan daring to.. Well.. Zlatan is least bothered about things like Aliens taking over the planet, even if they were doing it during the two halves. The surround sound and noise cancellation and clarity with comfort in the RS 165, RS 175, RS 185 and RS 195 give you a 360-degree audio experience.

Samsung UN60JU7100

Moving on, we have for you the Samsung UN60JU7100. The Ultra HD TV does a lot not to hamper the experience even if the brightness is lowered in the dark. Besides, the massive 60-inch beast won’t let you take your eyes off it. Wherever you turn, the TV will be there. Catch Leo blitz past center halves and full-backs or CR7 stick a knuckleball in the back of the net on the best sports UHD 4K resolution TV available in the market.

Opera Max (the data saver)

That being said, some of us do not always have the luxury of being home at match hours. For that, we have BBC iPlayer or iTV. This brings us to the never-ending concern of data usage limits. It doesn’t matter how fast mobile internet gets, we will still have caps on usage. Well, to combat this pandemic, we have an app called Opera Max. It essentially compresses videos and live streams to smaller sizes according to the device in use and has the potential to help you save up to 50% data.

All that being said, there is nothing that can spoil football, and you know it. These devices may be to improve the viewing experience, but from one fan to another: enjoy the beautiful sport like it is meant to be: watch it, play it, live it!