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Best Cricket Apps for Android Smartphones

Cricket is one of the most popular and enjoyable sports in the world. The advancements in technology have allowed you to keep up with the action on many devices. This includes Android Smartphones, and also tablets that use an Android operating system. You can easily download apps that are tailored to your Android smartphones. The advantage is that these apps are specially optimized for this operating system, rather than being cheap replicas of the desktop experience. This allows you to maximize your cricket experience. Below, we will list the best cricket apps that will allow you to boost your enjoyment of cricket, and keep up with all aspects of the sport on your Android smartphones.

1. ESPN Cricinfo

The first application on our list is incredibly popular for staying up to date with all things related to Cricket. It has a load of excellent features such as match statistics, reports, and league tables. It features the latest news and also has the latest cricket scores for a variety of leagues. It is very easy to use and offers an engaging user interface which makes it simple to navigate. The visual graphics are stunning, and allow you to enjoy an enriching cricket experience. If you are looking for a cricket application packed with features, then ESPN Cricinfo is perfect for you.

2. CricBuzz

Another application that can closely rival ESPN’s offering is CricBuzz. This application has all of the latest cricket scores available to easily view. It has a lot of content to enjoy, and it generally provides a good user experience. However, some of the designs can be a little complicated, and in this regard, the ESPN app provides a more functionally pleasing experience. However, in terms of content, CricBuzz definitely provides more detailed content and has coverage of a variety of leagues. It is also another top application to consider for all fans of Cricket.

3. Super Cricket 2

Thus far, our list has mentioned informative cricket apps. However, one of the benefits of the Android operating system is that it allows for immersive gameplay with excellent graphics. Super Cricket 2 is a game that uses the full potential of the OS to deliver an exhilarating playable cricket experience. This fast-paced game is lots of fun to play, and there is a range of difficulty modes to choose from. This makes the game ideal for both beginners and experts of cricket.

4. Real Cricket 18

However, if you require a more realistic gameplay experience that makes use of real leagues and players, then Real Cricket 18 is the game for you. This game offers a complete roster of ODIs, tests, T20s and many more. The game is excellent for fans of cricket who want to enjoy a realistic and immersive experience. The animations are fantastic, and they make full use of the graphics power afforded by the Android system. The gameplay is also immersive and highly engaging. There are free and paid versions of the app, which means you can try it before buying the full game.


You will now have a better understanding of which apps are best for enjoying the cricket experience on your Android smartphone. All of these apps are designed specifically for the Android ecosystem which means they offer an immersive user experience and are able to run smoothly.

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