The best classic games to play in your browser for dull moments

If you are under a lot of stress in your daily job and fidget spinner is not working for you then here are some games which you can play to lower the stress. These all are classic browser games which are evolved in a manner which makes them even more addictive and challenging. You can play these games on your smartphone too as some of them already hit the App Store and Google Play Store.

Happy wheels

Happy Wheels is an all time favorite game from Fancy Force, it is a browser game and can be played on any device which supports Adobe Flash. The goal of the game is to drive the selected vehicle to the destination without getting killed. There are lots of obstacles and traps in the track which tries to kill you and stop from reaching the finish line.

You can select characters from the list and unlock more by playing the game; the default ones are a wheelchair, Segway rider, and bicycling father. More unlocks when you play the game, there are a lot of pre built levels. You can also show your creativity in the level editor and share it with other players too.

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Run 3

Run 3 is another single player from Kongregate Developers which is a very addictive game which is packed with a very simplified gameplay. The game is all about a little creature (looks like an alien) which runs through a tunnel an all you have to do it keep it moving by jumping using the Space bar.

You can rotate the tube using the right and left arrow keys, using the jumping and rotating you have to keep the player running. There are two modes; explore mode and Infinite mode, Explore mode has levels, and Infinite mode has a never ending tunnel. You can unlock various options like respawn, the level editor and more players by playing the game.

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pc gaming is a multiplayer browser game which recently came to the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The game is straightforward yet challenging, the primary and only goal of this game is to grow your round cell (player) by eating mass which is scattered across the play area. Your cell will grow bigger, and you will dominate the area by staying on the top of the player list.

Simple eh? No, there is a twist, players are consumable. If your cell is bigger than one of the opponents in the arena, you can consume that cell. It can also happen to you too! Arena also has virus cells which if consumed, will scatter all your mass and make you vulnerable to get consumed.

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Tank Trouble

Tank Trouble is a fascinating game which has three classic games in one; the maze, tanks battle and ricochet bullet. It needs two players fighting each other using the tanks; the other player will be the CPU if you are playing single player. Two players can play on a single PC using different controls on the keyboard. The primary goal of the game is to gain as many points as you can by exploding others tanks.

The twist of the game is that the tanks are a maze and the bullets ricochet off the walls which can kill your tank as well if it hits you. You have to plan your shot, and you can only shoot six shells or bullets in a row which recovers once these washes out. There are lots of pickups too in the arena to make the battle more exciting.

Another io game is here, and this is also the addictive one where the goal is same, kill other players and consume it to grow your snake. The player is a small snake which grows by absorbing mass and gets bigger, and you have to avoid running your snake in other player’s snake.

After killing other’s snake, you can consume it to grow your snake even bigger. The controls are very simple; you have to control the snake using the mouse. This game is also very addictive and challenging. There is one tip from us which you can use to grow your snake, stay out of sight and trap smaller snakes once yours grow bigger.

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These game are very addictive and time-consuming so only play them when you have enough free time. These games are stress buster especially the Tank Trouble and the which I play a lot to lower the stress. Both of these games are available for Android and Apple iPhone.


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