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Best budget Graphics Cards for PC Gamer in India: Price and features

While making a budget for gaming PC, the graphic card is the most important component on the list and also much expensive if you want to make a high-end gaming PC. Two of the most popular GPU manufacturers provides both premium as well as budget graphic cards. So, let’s take a look at the best of the budget graphic cards available for PC gamers.

1 Sapphire Radion HD 7770 Vapor-X (Rs. 9,699)

2 MSI Radeon R7 360 2GD5 OC (Rs. 9,000)

3 Asus GeForce GTX 750 TI 2GD5 OC (Rs. 11,050)

Asus GeForce GTX 750 TI is a 2GB DDR5 graphic card with GeForce GTX 750 TI graphics processor with a clock speed of 1150 MHz. The Graphics cards feature two dust-proof fans for maximum airflow and minimum sound.

Asus GPU Tweak utility lets you tweak the graphic card performance in real time with the monitoring widget also it shows the actual graphic card status with CPU-Z. With Asus GPU Tweak you can directly stream your gaming and share them with friends.

Brand Asus
Model Geforce GTX 750 TI
Item Weight 816 g
Graphics Memory 2 GB, 1350 MHz
API OpenGL 4.2
DirectX 12
Shader Model 5.0

4 EVGA GeForce GT730 1GD3 (Rs. 9,608)

5 MSI N730 4GD3 (Rs. 7,699)

MSI N730 is the best graphic card regarding graphics memory; you are getting 4 GB graphics memory at such a low price. If you have a high specs PC, then this graphics card helps you run all type of games for you. This graphic card features a big fan for cooling and three output ports; one VGA, one HDMI and one display 2.0 port.

The graphic card provides a smooth experience for multi-monitor at 4K resolution because of its 4 GB memory chip. Predator, a gameplay video capturing and streaming software comes free within the Afterburner 3.0. You can easily overclock your graphic card using the Afterburner 3.0.

Brand EVGA
Model Geforce GTX N730
Item Weight 263 g
Graphics Memory 4 GB, 750 MHz
API OpenGL 4.4
DirectX 12

6 Conclusion

If you are a real gamer and assembling a high-end gaming rig, then MSI N730 4GD3 would be the best choice for you, or if you want to buy a good performance graphic card for your old PC to upgrade it, then you should purchase the Sapphire Radion HD 7770 Vapor-X graphic card. It delivers great performance and better heat management.

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