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Best Betting Apps for Cricket in India

Cricket is considered as the game of the masses in India, and it has been entertaining people from all walks of life for a long time. In fact, no other sport has come close to cricket when it comes to entertaining people from all parts of the country. Because of this, cricket betting apps have become extremely popular in the country and people from all walks of life have been known to engage in this activity.

Best Betting Apps for Cricket:

Traditionally, betting on cricket has been a sector of the betting industry which was saturated with old-fashioned bookmakers who did not offer an enjoyable experience. But it is different now. So let’s check them out! Online cricket betting apps in India have been popular among the gamblers. Indian premier league and Cups in 2021 have made it even more popular.

Why use Cricket Betting Apps?

Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, an expert betting strategy can help increase your profit. The right strategy could mean the difference between profit and heavy losses. This is where cricket betting apps India come into play. Cricket online betting apps now have hundreds of sportsbooks, each offering unique odds, lines, features, and bonuses. 

Popular Cricket Betting Apps in India:

When it comes to the history of cricket, India has always been on top. It is no surprise that their cricket betting apps are too good and reliable as well. As the people of the country love cricket, they also love to bet on their favorite team. This is where these applications come into play! IPL Cricket betting apps have been doing good recently.

1. Parimatch:

Parimatch – Live Cricket online Betting app’ is an app that allows you to analyze matches and work out the odds predicting the outcome of an event. The Parimatch app is available for Android, Windows, iOS devices. Users can place bets on both domestic and international matches. The cricket betting apps in India have been too good just like Parimatch which offers several ways to place bets.

2. Bet365:

Bet365 is an all-different app and has been doing good in the cricket betting apps market. With the cricket betting app India, you will get the latest updates, live streaming, and video clips of the match you have bet on. You can also have a live chat room for support and information sharing with other app users. Bet365 IPL cricket betting apps also has a career section where you can check your results and stats throughout your betting

3. 1win:

One win is the first cricket betting app for sports fans. It brings you greater clarity on how other bettors bet and what is high value. 1win cricket betting app in India provides the biggest chance of winning by having your sports bets communicated with others, using both real-time streams and notifications to make money. Users need to download the apk and then install it.

4. Melbet App:

The standout feature of the Melbet online cricket betting app is its great functionalities. Firstly, users can place bets whenever they wish to do so. Whether they are watching the match live or at a later time, they can bet anytime. The cricket betting app in India also provides betting odds for all types of wagers that the user may desire.

5. Betway App:

Betway cricket betting app has kept improving the app, trying to meet the requirements of its users. With these efforts being focused on being convenient for their clients, Betway cricket betting apps India have emphasized fast live streaming and smooth customer service for you to enjoy. Also, their services are compatible with multiple devices so repeating yourself everywhere doesn’t need to be your case anymore.

How to Choose the Best Cricket Betting App for You:

 The selection of the best cricket betting apps in India is getting tougher with the boom in the industry. Online cricket betting apps mainly provide live cricket streaming and live score features to their users. However, one should check whether there are sign up bonuses, fresh competitions, promotions, and fewer bet fees.

How to Download a Betting App on Android:

Downloading the best cricket betting apps in India is not a big task. However, one needs to download the apk of the applications and then install it properly.

1.  After extracting, click on it and go to settings.
2. Click on the options that are given to install the application.
3.Then go back. Now, press the buttons to get the app installed.
4.Now start the bet by clicking on the app icon in your mobile phone.

Cricket Betting Apps on Betraja:


Cricket` is India`s favorite game. It is also known to be an integral part of their culture. BetRaja is a popular resource which offers the  best cricket betting apps in India https://betraja.in/cricket-betting-app/. The website presents the latest game updates and stats to ensure that you don’t miss any single match of your favorite team. Users can use it through Android and IOS.


1. Are Betting Apps safe?

Ans. All the betting apps that are registered and licensed are safe and secure for all gamblers.

2. How to withdraw money from apps?

Ans. Betting apps will give you several options to withdraw money from UPI Methods, bank transfers and many more. 

3. Are Bonuses offered in betting apps?

Ans. Several bonuses and promotions are offered to gamblers when they sign up with an app.