Best Battery Cases for the iPhone 7 Plus

Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases

The latest iPhone 7 Plus does offer improved battery life compared to its last-gen model. Still, its 2900mAh battery makes you plug-in at least twice a day if you’re playing high-end games or performing other processor-intensive tasks. I for one, find it rather annoying to get up frequently to put my device in charge. As I use my iPhone 7 Plus a lot, playing some bleeding-edge games and open multiple windows. Now this is where battery cases come in real handy. Not only can they keep charging the device with zero hassles, but they also let you use it for long. Besides, they also come in handy if you’re always on the move or while traveling. Hence, we’ve compiled a list  of the best battery cases for the iPhone 7 Plus online.

Alpatronix BX170plus

The Alpatronix BX170plus looks stylish, and packs in some power with a 4000mAh rechargeable battery. It can easily get you a day of heavy usage. Besides, it offers dual layer protection to keep your iPhone 7 Plus from getting smudged or scratched. And you get all this in a super slim case, which doesn’t make your iPhone look bulky or uncomfortable to hold.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases

Alpatronix BX170plus is currently available on Amazon for $49.95.

Trianium Atomic Pro

Looking for an ultra-slim battery case? Then check out the Trianium Atomic Pro. It’s sleek, looks stylish, and fits comfortably in the pocket. And with its 4200mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery, you get around 100 percent more battery life. Also, it comes with a sync through technology, so you can hook your iPhone 7 Plus with your PC, doing away the need to remove the case.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases

Besides, it’s meant to keep scratches at bay thanks to its hard-shell backplate. The Trianium Atomic Pro is currently available on Amazon for $49.99.


Peyou is another ultra-slim battery case for your iPhone 7 Plus. Thanks to its 4000mAh rechargeable battery, you can use the handset without any interruptions. Also, it comes with a nifty kickstand that works rather well during video streaming or FaceTime.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases

You also get four color choices. Currently, the Peyou 4000mAh battery case is available on Amazon at $22.98.

Ruky Protable

If you’re looking for some more power, the Ruky Protable battery case has a lot on offer. With a 7500mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery, it delivers more than 200 percent extra battery life for your iPhone 7 Plus. It’s also compact, provides safe charging, and syncs easily with your MacBook or a PC without having to remove the case.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases

You get to choose from three color options as well. Currently, its available on buy it on Amazon for $39.99.


With a robust 8000mAh Li-polymer rechargeable battery housed in a slim package, the Foxin battery case offers a staggering 270 percent extra battery life to your iPhone 7 Plus. Besides, its compact format factor ensures that the phone is easily manageable in hand.

Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Cases

You get a choice of 5 color options here. At the time of writing, it’s available on Amazon at $49.99.

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