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Best apps to study law

There has been no greater emphasis on online mode of teaching and learning than at the moment. One should not need much explanation for the same as well, as the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic has all driven us indoors. As with almost everything else that has come to suffer due to this, the student community to is finding it hard to get along with their studies; that is unless they are not quick enough to adapt to what has become a new way of life.

Fortunately, there is no dearth of resources to aid in the online mode of learning. Sites like essay service online are one of the most popular options among students. Here, we mention a few apps that will let aspiring lawyers carry on with their study of law.

On the Case: 

This is one app that students of law will love to have on their devices and also offers low interest pre-settlement loans. Developed by LexisNexis, On the Case will let students refer to other cases in the most efficient manner. They can search for cases using either their names, citations, keywords or date. The app also offers a simple user interface and is easy to use. With more than 300,000 cases on tap, you will have a lot to gain going through all those. You will get to know how the judges treated those cases along with other information related to the cases.

Halsbury Legal Terms: 

This is another app developed by the legal publisher LexisNexis and is a must-have for the students. The app has more than 3,500 definitions and serves to provide a simple explanation of the various legal terms and jargon in use. Students will love to have it with them and will help them get started right away.

iLegal Legislation: 

This app can be a complete package that any law student will ever want. It is developed by law student Timothy Leigh, you can rest assured of it being among the most student-friendly app as well. It is also a boon for those dealing with primary legislation pertaining to the UK, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales and includes all acts of the parliament that applies to these regions.

Black’s Law Dictionary: 

This is another app that law students cannot afford to miss out on. It contains an easy explanation of all terms related to the law and is one app that is among the most widely used by the student community in America. Also, owning the app can be more effective than buying the hard copy as you will get to easily search for the terms using the app’s search option rather than searching manually with the hardcopy version.

Law Dictionary: 

You should have got it already. It is a dictionary containing definitions and explanations of legal terms and cases and provides one of the most comprehensive coverages on the topic. In fact, such is its popularity that not only students but even experienced lawyers too swear by it. There is also a forum as well, where lawyers or students can discuss cases with their counterparts anywhere in the world.


It is one app that prides itself on being one of the most advanced legal research services that you can have. It also is one of the most awarded legal research apps as well and boasts of such advanced features as WestSearch, KeyCite, Folders, History, Notes, and Highlighting. It is extremely easy to use as well, which makes it among the most used apps by not only law students but even practising lawyers as well.

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