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Best Apps To Buy Cryptocurrencies


With the recent advent and sudden rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, it’s no surprise that there have been tons more people looking to buy some for themselves. It’s pretty lucrative as an investment if you are smart and know what to look for. And even ignoring the investment aspect, cryptocurrencies are really good at what they were designed to be. They facilitate a great number of trades and buying options that might really end up being cheaper for you as an end-user.

With the rise in interest in buying cryptocurrencies using the bitcoin revolution website, it only makes sense that there would be dozens of platforms being created to allow and facilitate this buying and selling. It can be excellent and even grow to dominate the market, which is still in somewhat early stages and hasn’t fully matured. However, you usually prefer avoiding the worst and immediately jump into good ones, especially if you’re just starting out. With that in mind, I’ve created this little list.


By far the most popular platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Coinbase offers an extensive and huge variety of altcoins, allows trading on multiple different exchanges, has dozens of options for payment, and just follows its really clean, simple, and effective user interface design language. Translating well across all platforms, Coinbase is also really useful for beginners and tucks away the more complex and confusing features, like timely analytics and predictions.


Kraken is quite interesting, especially since it’s actually been around for quite some time and has more higher-ups that have ties to the major legislature and governmental regulations regarding cryptocurrencies. Kraken regularly makes lists for one of the best platforms to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. It has an intuitive mobile and desktop app as well, both of which are fully featured but may be advanced for first-time users with not a lot of experience in the market.


No list of the best cryptocurrency trading platforms is complete without the inclusion of Binance, one of the industry leaders. With very cost-effective solutions, simple goals, and UI design reflective of it, this app truly has everything for the focused cryptocurrency users. It’s been widely regarded as the best app for both professionals and newbies, with an exciting way of designing their interfaces and presenting stats around the broadest possible demographic they can.


If you read any other online articles about this topic, you’ll find eToro on every one of them. That’s for excellent reasons. eToro is just another comprehensive app that offers an incredible experience. It doesn’t feel overwhelming and strikes a great balance between the user experiences of apps like Venmo or Cash App and full-fledged cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance. It feels very unique and distinct and is definitely worth at least checking out, even if you are starting out.


This one keeps things pretty simple for its userbase and tries to hide away or entirely remove any distractions from the main and singular purpose and goal, which it does very well. There have been some complaints over the years about the security, but I haven’t noticed any problems in my time with the app. There are also pretty hefty commissions and fees if your account isn’t premium, and you might lose a few, but it is still one of the best apps fulfilling this niche.

I hope this article was helpful to you, whether you’re just starting out, about intermediate, or an avid professional. Of course, these are just my opinions based on my time with the platforms and my ideals. This article isn’t any form of financial advice, and I recommend you check out couple more platforms before making your final decision. Anyways, if you found this informative, be sure to check out our previous articles, like the one on the Advantages of Cryptocurrency.

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