With our lives revolving around technology day in and day out, it becomes almost impossible to have a mind beyond the reach of digital distractions. This, in turn, makes it difficult to have a calm and focused mind. As a result of which, we tend to lose concentration, but do not worry, you can consult Dr. Anu for spiritual healing to keep you going both mentally and spiritually. If technology has its cons, it has pros too. It can be used to boost our health, well-being, and concentration. There are some apps that can help you to stay calm and improve concentration. Here’s the list:


Lumosity brain games help improve your memory, attention, and other mental skills through a personalized training program tailored to fit your goals. Using the principles of neuroplasticity – the brain’s ability to reorganize and change its wiring based on experience – the games have been demonstrated to enhance various aspects of cognition. You may play it on the way to work or during a lunch break to keep your brain sharp and improve concentration levels.

Price: Free | Availability: Android

Focus Booster

This app is based on the Pomodoro technique – a time management system that breaks tasks down into timed blocks separated by short breaks. Through research, it has been found out that the brain is easily distracted every 11 minutes, and then takes an average of 25 minutes to return to the original task. Pomodoro method breaks down the work into 25-minute chunks, for which you set a timer. After each 25-minute chunk, a three to five-minute break is taken, followed by another Pomodoro. After the fourth Pomodoro, a 15-30 minute chunk is taken. It is quite helpful to harness your focus and increase productivity.

Price: Free | Availability: Android


This app provides a 10-day starter program to help you start a mindfulness practice. It has short animated videos that break down the basic principles of meditation. The recordings take beginners through brief mindfulness practices and guided meditations each day. All you need to do is just find a comfortable seat, press play, and let the meditation begin.

Price: Free | Availability: Android

Time Out

If you find it hard to get off from your computer and pry yourself out of your chair to get up and take a break, then this app might help you to take out some time off from work to relax. The app reminds you to take both regular breaks (which last for around 10 minutes, after 50 minutes of work) and “micro” breaks (10-second pauses every 10 minutes) by gently dimming the screen and showing you a message. This will help keep you attentive and energized and help you come back to work with optimum focus.

Price: Free | Availability: Android

Stay Focused

This app aims to limit the amount of time you spend on your favorite websites. You may decide how many minutes per day you’re allowed to access your guilty pleasure sites, and once you’ve hit your limit, the site is blocked for the rest of the day. Besides this, you can block websites, subdomains, specific pages on certain sites, distracting in-page content like videos and images or the entire Internet itself, based on your preference.

Price: Free | Availability: Android


Since we all know that technology makes it harder to concentrate – with a world of distractions just a click away, getting down to necessary but not-so-exciting business gets impossible at times. Although we all love our work, still there remains the probability of getting easily distracted with things around us. Therefore, in order to ensure that you remain on track and not get distracted, we’ve consolidated a list of these helpful apps to help you remain calm and focused. You can now concentrate on your workspace with these tailored to every style and situation apps.