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Best Android and iOS Apps in the UK

Since the emergence of the first mobile app in the 1990s, we have so far witnessed a significant increase and dependence on mobile apps. There’s an app for almost everything.

However, when we talk about the best mobile applications both in the UK and globally, we mean the ones that are the most popular and useful.

Below are our best 6 apps that you may want to try, available for both Android and iOS devices.


First is an American freeware available across all platforms (Android, iOS, and Windows). It allows users to send text messages and voice notes, makes voice and video calls, and share information, documents, pictures, music, and other media.

By 2015, WhatsApp had already become the world’s most popular messaging app. There are more than 2 billion users globally as of February 2020, close to half of all internet users.

Paddy Power App

Paddy Power is a popular Irish bookmaker established in 1988 and with bettors from a few countries like the UK not restricted to use their services.

It offers users an abundance of promotions, such as the $20 Risk-Free Bet for new customers. Aside from sport-books, they provide other unique features like the bet calculator that helps punters increase their winning chances.

All these prove Paddy Power to be one of the largest bookmakers in Europe by total share value and customers.

Other Betting Apps

Since they offer the chance to make some money off sporting events, betting apps are generally some of the best apps one can download.

For starters, most of the UK sportsbooks have apps that let players select the best matches to bet on, and a wide variety of betting markets. These bookies offer different applications for placing and calculating bets, helping provide 24/7 betting services and a steady connection with both local and international customers.

Not only can players place bets, but they can also get all sorts of promos and bonuses—providing great value and a generous way for players to get into sports betting. Some apps even let bettors access in-play bets and live streams from their mobile or tablet devices.

Worthy mentions include Bet365, BetVictor, Betfair, and Betfred.

Google Maps

Ever been to a new neighborhood and not knowing how to find your way around? You don’t have to fret anymore, Google Maps is here!

One of the numerous services developed by Google (others include Chrome and YouTube), the multi-platform Google Maps app offers aerial photography, directions, street maps, and their views, real-time traffic reports, satellite images, and many more.

Google Maps has gained lots of recognition and users worldwide. In 2013, it became the world’s most popular smartphone app.


Many individuals and businesses depend on the services rendered by Gmail. From sending salient notices to your employees to sending strategically targeted ads and emails to your customers, you can find plenty of uses for Gmail.

Gmail is a free email service initially released in 2004 by Google. Date back to 2020, the service now operates in 105 different languages, filters spam emails and malware intelligently, offers storage space up to 15 GB, and allows users to send and receive emails up to 50 MB plus attachments.

As of 2019, its popularity reached 1.5 billion global active users.


With the Amazon app, shopping for your favorite items is now less energy- and time-consuming. You can find varieties of goods such as toys and games, groceries, health and beauty products, furniture, and kitchen utensils.

Amazon was created in 1994 by Jeff Bezos as an online store for books but soon expanded to retail software, video games, jewelry, and more. By 2015, Amazon had become the most valuable retailer in the United States.

Aside from e-commerce, Amazon is also well-renowned for its interests in artificial intelligence and cloud computing—with both incorporated into the Amazon app.


Nothing screams quality entertainment from the comfort of your home than Netflix. Here, you get to stream thousands of movies, shows, and TV series.

Besides, since people had to stay at home, the coronavirus pandemic led to an increase in paid Netflix subscribers. The streaming service is this close to having 200 million paid subscribers worldwide.

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