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Best of 2016 apps for both Android and iPhone

Thousands of apps are released every day, but not all of them are useful or get much hype. No wonder thousands of apps released in 2016 too but only some of them have millions of downloads. If you missed these apps for any reason, then let us revive those apps for you. We have listed best of 2016 apps for your Android and iPhone.


Prisma is an AI camera app for Android and iOS which transform your photos and videos into awesome artwork using more than 30 styles of the famous artists like Van Gogh, Picasso, Isaac Levitan and more. There are much more different combinations of patterns and filters which make you look even better in selfies.

You can also add these filters to videos too and share them with friends; Prisma also contains some basic editing tools like cropping the picture and changing the intensity of the filters. You can share the artworks directly to Facebook and Instagram or save it locally to your phone memory and share it on other social network portals.

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4Google Allo

3Magisto Video Editor and Maker

If you still show your trip pictures and videos to your friends the old way like on your phone, tablet or your laptop then no more. Magisto is an app for your phone which can bring your pictures to life by converting them into an awesome video. You just need to select the photos, choose the style, add music and that’s it, Magisto will create a video to share with your friends.

You can share videos on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, WhatsApp and more. You can turn your regular videos to some music video by adding your device’s music to Magisto library and add them directly while you are recording your videos. Magisto video recorder comes with some features like video stabilization, facial recognition, video filters, video effects and smooth transitions.

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2Power Director

If you are a YouTuber and share all your videos to your channel, then Power Director can help you do some editing before uploading your videos. Yes! You don’t need your PC or laptop anymore to edit videos. Just shoot videos on your phone, edit via Power Director and upload it to YouTube and get millions of views.

Power director contains lots of video effects which you can drag drop on your videos and add some music from your local library. Editing is super easy using the sleek timeline you got which can control with taps and drags only. You should try this app once if you are Final Cut Pro or iMovie user.


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